What The Universe Says About The Moles On Your Face

Some people are lucky in that they are born with flawless skin and remain that way all through childhood to adulthood.

While porcelain skin is somewhat of a desire in modern times, the Chinese almanac actually says that certain moles in certain spots of the face are lucky moles. And that removing them can lead to the removal of good luck.

The Tong Shu by itself contains a wealth of knowledge and information.

And if you have a mole or two on your face, you might be interested in reading what the infamous ancient book has to say about their meanings.

Before we go on, take note that we are discussing moles here. Not acne scars, pimples, freckles, boils, cysts, or lumps, etc.

In addition, some moles we are born with. And some grow out of our skin as we age.

To find out what the meanings behind your facial mole, you must first identify which part of the face it’s position is by referring to the face chart below.

Observing the above portrait image, locate the numbered position that is the closest match to your mole on the face.

Then refer to the below list of position number to learn about their hidden meanings based on the palaces of basic face reading.

Position 1 to 3

This is the career palace of the face and a mole here can represent a childhood without fear of challenging authority.

You are only able to summon the full potential of your creativity when you are given freedom.

You’d probably do well running your own business as you never perform at your best when having to report to a boss.

Position 4

Rash in decision making by nature. Temperamental.

However, that decisiveness can often earn you followers who are perceive that as leadership and charisma.

You also tend to be stubborn and would argue with others who disagree with your logic.

Position 5

An indicator of wealth luck in life… which would be the reward for hard work.

At the virtuous palace, this is good fortune as many people slog their live away and continue to live from pay check to pay check.

At least you’d be able to accumulate wealth.

People with hidden agenda with the intention to scam you can come and go constantly. You need to be on your guard whenever you are investing from recommendations or from emotions.

Trusting your gut and being logical would help prevent wealth loss in so many ways that you might not even realize it.

Position 6

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An intelligent and creative individual.

A career as an artist can reap huge rewards. And might even bring fame.

People around you might constantly persuade you not to choose an artistic career. But fortune comes to those who dare.

Position 7

It is not surprising that a mole around the eye symbolizes sadness as it can resemble tears originating from the eyes.

This area is above the eye which is the real estate palace.

Specifically, these tears would come from family conflict.

Position 8

An inability to retain money no matter how big an income you earn.

This mole is also sometimes known as the gambler’s mole for self-explanatory reasons.

A person with a flirtatious nature.

Position 9

A mole position on the face that bring bad luck in general.

This is partly because this is a facial area of the wealth palace.

Mole removal should be seriously considered.

Position 10

This is an indication of fertility luck.

However, it can be either good fertility luck or bad fertility luck. It depends on other factors.

Whatever the case, one can expect to enjoy excellent emotional support from family and friends alike.

Position 11

Weak body and immune system.

A tendency to fall sick or get injured easily.

Position 12

Successful career and happy family life.

People who have moles at this position tend to be well-balanced with good IQ and EQ.

They have every opportunity to go far in life as long as they are determined enough to pursue it.

Position 13

Like position 7, moles above or below the eyes generally brings sadness.

Being at the area of the children palace, it’s not surprising that the misery comes from conflicts with children, and the constant worry they bring home.

Position 14

A lack of self-control when delicious food comes into view.

Beware of the diverse health problems that come with over-eating.

Position 15

A person that simply cannot stay still.

A constant desire to travel and get things done.

Easily gets bored and can get cranky from a lack of adventure.

Do relax and learn to appreciate the finer things in life as they can be just as beautiful as the famous sceneries from around the world.

Position 16

Potentially vulnerable to lust and gluttony tendencies.

Learn to keep temptation at bay and not act on impulse.

There are many other forms of pleasure that can be pursued in life. You just need to open your mind.

Position 17

A very active social life.

Just be wary of where you are in the social ladder as people at the top can get offended by your outlandish behavior that come from over-confidence.

Position 18

A person who is constantly traveling.

Just take extra precaution when traveling as the more one travels, the higher the probability to running into problems in a foreign land.

Position 19

Good luck with meeting dependable friends and making money.

However, vulnerability to advances from the opposite sex tends to be a weakness.

Position 20

Widespread recognition is destined to arrive.

The problems that it could either be recognition for positive things or negative things.

Other factors would come into play.

Position 21

Someone who has a mole here would never go hungry in life.

Even in the harshest adversity, something would occur or someone would step forward to lead them to safety.

Position 22

A mole of power and authority.

A person with this mole can achieve standout success when put into leadership roles.

The problem is that these roles don’t come easily.

Position 23

A longevity mole.

You will live to a ripe old age. So don’t spend your retirement funds too fast.

Position 24

Super stardom can arrive at a young age.

However, life can be tough when age eventually catches up.

So make the most of early success to prepare for later years ahead.

Position 25

Success and being recognized for success.

A combination that is a goal many people work towards.

Keep your feet on the ground.

Be mindful that different metaphysical concepts can present face reading in different ways.

The ones mentioned here is from the Chinese Almanac.

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