How To Place The Infamous Money Tree Plant

There are a few plants that have earned the pet name money plant. But none of them has laid a claim to that alias as strongly as the pachira aquatica.

If someone mentions the name “money plant” without stating a particular plant, then it’s assumed that pachira aquatica is the one being referred to. If someone mentions “money tree”, then it’s also assumed to be this species of plants.

Also known as the guiana chestnut or saba nut, the money tree plant is a tropical plant that tends to grow naturally in the swamps of Central and South America.

They are usually grown in a controlled fashion in residences as houseplants, but can grow to quite a considerable size in the wild.

It got it’s name from it’s uniquely braided trunk which is said to “lock” up wealth for it’s owners.

But if you’re thinking whether this is a deign of nature, it’s not. These braiding are carefully cultivated by growers. And over the years, many have perfected the art of creating impeccable braids that look too good to be true.

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They are also incredibly resilient. Able to survive under challenging conditions with little light and water.

However, they do require maintenance as they are prone to bugs who want to steal your wealth.

Due to a slow water absorption rate, homeowner also often over-water them. Causing their roots rot.

Money tree and feng shui

Even without it’s positive connotations with wealth luck, the money tree is a popular plant among homeowners as they are a sturdy indoor tree plants that requires little maintenance.

The added height trees bring into a space can play a huge role in the aesthetics of it. Maybe even change the whole visual dynamics of it.

And because this plant is meant to call on wealth luck, it’s placement is understandably most often recommended to be at the wealth location.

In particular, the Sun trigram location of southwest is often mentioned the most because it is not just a default wealth area, it is also an area of wood element.

So money tree placement in this corner of the house fits like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

Because this tree plant can be allowed to grow to a considerable height, they can also sometimes act as shields to hide or block sha chi emitting structures such as pillars and protruding corners.

And if you put a few of these big plants together in a row, you can create a wall in place of a room divider to segment space. Something we often see with restaurants.

It must be be said that feng shui enthusiast who don’t wish to commit to caring for a live plant often go for the artificial plant that is filled with gems as leaves.

These gem trees are often shaped like the money tree plant or bonsai. And their “leaves” can consist of gemstones like jade, citrine, amethyst, and even Chinese coins.

These “plants” primarily meant to attract money luck can also be placed at the wealth corner. But they don’t bring any wood energy with them.

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