Monkey Zodiac (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

The monkey is one of the more prominent animals in Chinese culture.

The longevity of it being regularly cited is partly because even today, they can be found living free in urban landscape together with people.

In Chinese legend, the monkey is most famously depicted as the Monkey God, 孙悟空 (Sun Wukong), who served as a protector of Tang Sanzang in the novel “Journey to the West”.

While overwhelmingly powerful, the monkey god is also known for his unpredictability and playfulness.

Some of the infamous sub-plots that are carved in folklore includes him wreaking havoc in the heavens, being banished and trapped under a rock for 500 years, eating the peach of immortality, 72 transformations, etc.

The monkey god is so revered that there are many temples built specifically to worship him as 齐天大圣 (Great Sage the Equal of Heaven) in China.

In paintings, the monkey is often depicted sitting on a horse for display at home. This means 马上封侯. Which as a hynomyn can be given the meaning of immediately promoted to the rank of count. Making it a great gift for an official.

The monkey hours are between 1500 to 1700, and represents the first month of autumn. It also has an association with the Pi (否) hexagram. and Kun trigram.

It is represented by the earthly branch of shen (申).

The meaning of shen can be that of trust, spirit, speed and application.

The elemental nature is yang metal (陽金) and takes on the avatar of strong metal tools other than the animated monkey.

Shen can also refer to the early period of autumn from August to September which consist of energy that symbolizes wisdom nurtured from hardship and experience.

Chinese physicians can use shen as an indication of certain body parts such as large intestines and bladder.

Shen sits on the direction southwest at 232.5° – 247.5°.

It is ninth of the 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with yang metal element, related to the summer season and the month of August.


Energetic, diplomatic, funny, appealing, competitive, observant, inner strength.


Restless, crafty, disdain, impulsive.


Those born in the year of the monkey are quick-thinking with loads of wit about them.

They are restless with a constant need to find stuff to occupy themselves with.

Boredom don’t work very well with them.

Often intelligent, they also have a knack for being able to draw on intuition to make risky decisions.

You don’t want to get into a verbal sparring with one as you will most probably lose… unless you are a monkey yourself.

The personal challenge of people born with this zodiac sign is always to cultivate patience. If this is internalizes, they can often reach great heights.

They can also often succumb to periods of moodiness.

Love life

Being in relationships with monkey can be a fun and adventurous experience. They can be spontaneous and often find ways to dial up the fun.

However, they can be very hard to tie down.

But once you are able to, monkey make great life partners and there will never be a dull moment.

Relationships with others

Compatible zodiac partners are the Dragon, and Rat.

Compatible friends include the Goat, Dog, and Rabbit.

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Incompatible zodiacs are the Pig, Snake, and Tiger.

However, take note that there are various other relationships between different zodiacs in Chinese astrology.


The adaptability and versatility of monkeys make them suitable for a diverse variety of jobs.

However, they can sometimes exhibit disregard for higher level management.

This is because they have a tendency to have a strong personal belief system and don’t agree with what’s happening up there.

They almost always at least try to start their own businesses and either succeed quickly or fail just as fast.


The best years for a Monkey zodiac person to get married are generally during the years of the Rat, Dragon and snake.

The luckiest month tend to be the third, fourth, seventh and tenth months. The best days are the 11th day of the 7th month and the 4th day of the 4th month.

At the very start of the year, the first day of the 1st month can be very inauspicious.

5 Elemental Monkeys

The monkey horoscope can be further categorized into 5 different variations according to the 5 elements. This provide more insight into each zodiac.

Wood monkey (1944, 2004)

The wood monkey will quickly achieve success as soon as he grows out of his immaturity. While some people never do, the best way to shorten the learning process is with experience or with guidance from mentors.

While monkeys can be eccentric and unpredictable, the wood monkey goes against the grain and is actually more calm and relaxed.

When troubled, they tend to look into themselves for answers instead of getting advice from others.

Fire monkey (1956, 2016)

The fire monkey is extremely lively and creative. However, he tends to only believe in his way being the only way. These attributes can lead to many loyal followers. But whether he would be leading them astray or toward success is another matter altogether.

This is even when they demand competence and perfection from those around them.

Don’t be surprise to find them having deep interest in odd topics.

Earth monkey (1968)

The earth monkey is more subtle compared to other monkeys. Not only is he smart, but he also demands that his intellect is acknowledged by others around him.

If he is able to focus his goals like a laser beam, he has a high potential for a breakout success.

The would most probably be drawn to careers with maximum rewards and minimum effort.

Metal monkey (1980)

The metal monkey is a deep thinker who is ever willing to work hard towards ambitious goals. However, he can be stubborn and refuse to even contemplate advice offered by others. He can sometimes give too much thought into what others think of him.

They are action-takers and might find it difficult to standstill.

Decision making tend to lean towards being different. This can even mean that the right decision is avoided as it’s deemed to be too ordinary.

Water monkey (1932, 1992)

The water monkey has an innate ability to identify the very source of problems from various perspectives. Making them great negotiators and politicians.

They will be most successful as middlemen due to their ability to see gaps that others cannot. However, this does not apply to how they see the deeper meanings of life.

They also tend to travel out of curiosity of how different people in different culture is like.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

The monkey year generally brings about a year of unpredictability for other zodiac signs.

In some cases, it can even be chaotic.

However the fortune and luck of the monkey will move about in different zodiac years as well.

Monkey in rat year

It would be a year of good fortune and the monkey would be presented with opportunities to forge ahead in life.

Money and romance luck will arrive and it will be up to the monkey to identify them and take action.

Monkey in ox year

It would be an uneventful year of the ox as opportunities would continue to present themselves but can appear too mundane to accept.

If you cannot see yourself fully commit to ideals, it is best to stand aside and wait for the right ball to swing for a home run.

Monkey in tiger year

While most zodiacs don’t enjoy a good year with the feisty tiger, the monkey will do well compared to them.

That’s not to say that it’s going to be a good year. Just that it would be good compared to most.

Monkey would ride on luck this year.

However, be mindful not to fully depend on luck as it might run out without warning.

Monkey in rabbit year

It would be smooth sailing as the active monkey find time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

As one finds more influence, it is best to use this period of calm to plan ahead for the future.

Romance is likely to bloom.

Monkey in dragon year

One can look forward to a year of expenses.

To have a progressive year, the monkey needs to seek self-improvement and self-awareness.

This can be realized with learning or with experiences.

Monkey in snake year

A dangerous year for the monkey.

One needs to draw on all his wit, quick-thinking and intelligence to emerge this year unscathed.

Even so, it might not be enough to prevent stepping into a ditch or two.

Avoid making enemies and stay low for the time being.

Monkey in horse year

Keep an eye on your finances as people will be coming at all directions to grab them in the horse year.

Just like the snake year, monkeys need to keep a low profile to avoid becoming a target of unscrupulous people.

Monkey in goat year

Challenges that arose during the previous two years will start to resolve themselves as the year progresses.

Use the time to analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

Good luck will reach it’s peak towards the end of the year.

Monkey in monkey year

The monkey is unstoppable in his own year.

Everything suddenly clicks and managing both life and work seem so easy and so fast.

Be ready for an eventful year that is overwhelmingly positive.

A good time to start a business.

Monkey in rooster year

This will be a rooster year in which the monkey is bombarded with ideas, opportunities, and suggestions. All of which will require him to make big decisions.

However, most of them will reap little rewards, if any.

Be wary of scammers and con-men. They might even be people close to you.

One would observe who his real friends are.

Monkey in dog year

A year loaded responsibility issues.

These can be taxing on relationships and one might have to make the ultimate decision of whether a relationship is worth keeping at all.

Monkey in pig year

Stagnation is the keyword for the year as the monkey would notice everyone around him making progress in life, except him.

The best that one can do is to be resilient and prepare himself for the rat year which would bring about a positive turn of fortunes.

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