Good And Bad Mountain Locations In Relation To A House

Water and mountains play a primary role in almost all macro and micro concepts of feng shui.

But because people are often more interested in the wealth aspects of feng shui, water tend to get celebrity attention when homeowners and home seekers analyze the feng shui aspects of a house.

Yet the role that mountains play in feng shui cannot be undermined.

After all, mountains are what draws in energy from the heavens… so that water can accumulate them for us to tap on.

What is a mountain?

It should be as easy as ABC to realize that mountains describe landscape features in the form of hills and mountains.

They can be seen everywhere, even in modern cities.

But because most people don’t look at landscape features of an area the way a feng shui master does, they can often fail to recognize them even when an expert finds the presence of them blatantly obvious.

From the various onsite and offsite consultations that I have done, it no longer surprises me when homeowners are unable to identify mountains. And I need to point them out for them to realize that they have been living with mountains in close proximity for years.

Even when a piece of land appears flat, a closer inspection of the area can often turn up hills that has been somewhat camouflaged by the landscape.

Sometimes, even an inspection with Google Maps can show this.

And while natural mountains can be huge and take up your whole panoramic visual from end to end, modern tall buildings can also be identified as mountains.

Skyscrapers would be big mountains, and less imposing buildings can be small mountains.

While these man-made mountains do not draw on the chi of cosmic energy, they can still greatly influence the feng shui of a property.

This is especially the case when classical land form concepts are taken into account.

So what does it mean in terms of feng shui when the location of a mountain can be identified in relation to a house?

Landscape feng shui

The idea of landscape feng shui concerns how the configuration of the house with regards to the external environment affects feng shui.

This focuses on the mountain position or location in relation to a property, from the perspective of the 4 orientations or 4 celestial creatures of:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Left
  • Right

This implies it does not matter which compass direction that are from the perspective of the house.

The subject matter is which orientation it is.

Mountain located at front of house

When a mountain is located in front of the house, it is said to be in the phoenix location.

Firstly, one must note that the front is also considered as the facing of the house. This is a yang location.

When a mountain (which is yin in nature) is present at this area, then it is already not ideal and generally considered as unfavorable.

If the mountain is too close to the house, it also eliminates or limits the space of the bright hall which by default should be present at the front of the house to suck in auspicious chi.

However when we say unfavorable in this respect, it does not necessarily mean bad luck. It just means that it is not the best configuration for feng shui.

Mountains in front of a house, but at a considerable distance will have limited impact on feng shui.

Mountain located at back of house

The back of the house is where a mountain should ideally be.

The back is the territory of the black tortoise which symbolizes support.

It is an yin location which also complements the yin nature of mountains.

A property with a strong mountain behind will bring security to the household and relationship harmony between family members. Residents can also look forward to good health in general.

When the front of house is flat and the back is mountained, then it is often said that the house is balanced and residents can enjoy harmony.

Mountain located at left side of house

From the facade of the house facing out, on the left side is where the green azure dragon resides.

This is the side that represents the male members in the household, and the wealth opportunities residents can enjoy.

Having a mountain on the left side means that male residents can enjoy good luck in their endeavors.

Household members can enjoy career luck and money luck.

Mountain located at right side of house

The right side is a space of the white tiger, which completes the 4 orientations of the 4 celestial animals.

This side represents females in the property. And the higher the mountain on this side, the better the property is for female breadwinners and business women,.

This also implies that if a house has the patriarch as the main breadwinner, then having a right mountain higher and bigger than a left mountain can result in family conflict as the status of the matriarch rises.

And while the left side brings wealth opportunities, the right side keeps wealth.

So a lack of mountains on the right side can mean that the household would find it difficult to retain and accumulate wealth.

The ideal set up is that the left is higher than the right. But the left should not be higher than the back.

Flying stars feng shui

It must be said that landform applies to all types of property regardless of facing or sitting direction.

However, flying stars feng shui can also tell what kind of feng shui impact mountain locations (with regards to the house) can have on a household depending on which direction it is located from the viewpoint of the house.

To conduct this simple exercise, one would have to identify the facing direction of the house in question, then retrieve the energy map for that particular house.

For example, if a house is facing true north and built in the year 2010, then it would have the below natal chart.

After the chart has been generated, we are particularly interested in the top left and top right numbers in the grids that make up the energy map.

The top left number describes the mountain star, while the top right number represents the water star.

Without going into the specifics of how they work, just know that mountains on any of the directional grids would activate the mountain star and deactivate the water star.

Generally speaking the favorable stars are 1, 4, 6, 8, 9. Then unfavorable stars are 2, 3, 5, 7.

So by identifying which direction a mountain is at from the house, one would be able to determine if that is a good or bad mountain location.

For example, if a huge mountain is located in the northeast area of the house, then it is a good mountain as this activates the recognition star 9 and deactivates the violence star 7.

And if a mountain is located at the east direction of the house, it would trigger the misfortune luck that the star 5 brings.

If we are to look at a combination of both land form and flying stars feng shui, then a mountain on the left side (west) of this house don’t just awaken the green dragon to bestow a household with good opportunity luck, it would also activate the star 1 which is associated with investment income.

In my words, I call this feng shui stacking. This refers to configurations that adhere to more than 1 feng shui school of thought.

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As such, the household can expect to enjoy good luck with money-making opportunities related to investing, especially the men as the mountain is on the left side of the house.

Finally, mountain locations that meet the criteria of the direct spirit can be extremely auspicious. A simple check can help you identify it.

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