How Does The Name Number Work In Numerology

In numerology, our names can be tabulated into a single number. And with this number, our fortunes can be told much like the horoscope.

Don’t confuse this with the birth number.

This helps us decipher our innate abilities and helps to guide us towards fulfilling our full potential, if that’s what we’re after.

The problem is… that we often go by various names.

There is of course the full name that is printed on our birth certificates.

But if you don’t use that name at home, at work, or with your friends, then how can it be reliably depended upon to generate a name number that best describes you.

Sometimes, we even have more than one name that resonates the most.

For example, you might go with a first and last name at the office. But only responds to a nickname with social groups.

In this case, the indications of the first and last name might apply best at work. And the name number tabulated from a nickname might apply best with friends.

All in all, it is pretty much a judgment call just like identifying facing directions of apartments in feng shui.

How to calculate name number

After deciding which name to work numerology on, convert the letters into numbers by referencing the below table.

Alphabet number reference table

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8

The add up all the numbers continuously until you come down to either a single-digit number within 1 to 9, or 11 or 12.

For example, a name such as Mike Shane would be calculated as:

4 + 9 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 40
4 + 0 = 4

Once you have identified your name number, it’s time to look into the interpretations.

1) Number 1

A name number of one denotes a person with very strong leadership qualities.

However, this does not mean that you are destined to be CEO or an army general.

Even though you have natural leadership attributes, climbing the career ladder depends a lot on luck and politics.

So while you are going to excel in management positions that lead teams, you can only achieve greatness when you are able to navigate around organization structures to reach the very pinnacle.

2) Number 2

Number 2 people are eloquent and excellent communicators.

They are smooth talkers and will ever lose a verbal sparring match if they choose not to.

This makes them popular with friends, family and colleagues.

Making them perfect for job positions that requires them to deal with people.

The drawback is that even though they can be independent, they can only operate at their optimum level when working with others.

3) Number 3

Number 3 personalities are creative and artistic.

The potential for the highest possible achievement will come from careers that allow them to express these talents.

Don’t for a moment think that this is mediocre.

In the entertainment industry, an actor can be paid millions for each film.

4) Number 4

Number 4 people are constructors.

They build things like businesses, systems, even products.

There’s just something about planning, designing, and finally building something that appeals greatly to them.

So it would be hard to convince them to do something other than building something.

5) Number 5

Name number 5 people have a strong interest in sharing.

So while they might be experts in the field in which they work, they would like nothing better than to teach their skills and what they know to those who are interested.

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This makes the suitable for mentorship roles and jobs in a training capacity.

The passion they bring to the table can often inspire others.

6) Number 6

People in this category are great listeners and would often go out of their way if it means helping a friend out.

This makes them the best people to confide in as their listening skills are appreciated by many.

If your spirits are in the doldrums, there’s no better person to have a casual chat with.

7) Number 7

Number 7s are intellects with exceptional memory skills.

People often find themselves getting into awkward moments with name number 7 people no matter how much effort is put into small talk.

This is often because the depth of knowledge and wisdom of them makes it difficult to have an intellectual conversation with someone who is not on the same level.

As such, they are often misunderstood as arrogant.

So if you don’t really know a subject matter well, the best way to make friends with them are to chat about casual topics that don’t require any expert knowledge.

8) Number 8

An individual with the name number 8 has the highest upside when it comes to early-age wealth potential.

This does not mean that they would always be the richest, but that they have the best potential to be the richest among their peers at a young age.

As they get older, they can fall behind others if care is not taken to accumulate that wealth.
If you are smart, you’d surround yourself with people in this category.

9) Number 9

Number 9 people find the most life satisfaction in helping others.

This makes them suitable to humanitarian organizations, charitable work, and social enterprises.

The drawback is that they can often make personal sacrifices so that they can answer their calling.

This means that getting into a romantic relationship with them can be challenging unless you are number 9 as well.

10) Number 11

Number 11s are inherently spiritual with an aura that exudes wisdom.

Whether there is real substance behind that persona is another matter altogether.

Make no mistake that this is a gift you are born with.

Use it with good intentions and never use it to exploit others.

11) Number 22

People with the number 22 can often dream big.

However, they often are not aware of whether they have the ability or resource to achieve their dreams.

This can either lead them into life journeys that go nowhere, or drive them to find the things they need to make their dreams a reality.

A conviction in what they are doing is often enough to convince other to join them on the journey to greatness.

But ultimate success is never an easy road to go on.

Working with name numbers

As you can tell, the basics of name numbers are mostly meant to profile people on a surface level.

This serves as a base and foundations for more advanced numerology to be applied for readings.

In more advanced readings attributes can even be diagnosed from each different letter.

Combinations with birth numbers can also paint a broader picture of what numbers tell about a person’s cosmic characteristics.

Overall, numerology is topic with a lot of depth when you study deeper into it. And many times, you’d find that many of it’s wisdom is profound indeed.

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