Narcissus Flower Encourages The Fulfillment Of Potential Talent

The narcissus plant is pronounced as Shui Xian (水仙) in Chinese language which literally translates to water-immortal.

This is a flowering plant which blooms around the commencement of Chinese New Year, giving it an association with welcoming good luck and fortune for the coming year.

Introduced into China by Arabian traders via the Silk Road, the province of Fujian is well known for it’s growers creating narcissus plants resembling fairies and tigers.

These days, we often see them in jars filled with water and pebbles grown from flower bulbs.

Also known as daffodil, it is sometimes used by practicing Taoists as a solar herb to banish evil spirits from the premises. It is believed that the daffodil bulb contains the main source of it’s powers. And it is often carried in the pocket or in a pouch as a form of personal protection. Sometimes the bulb is even used as an amulet put on display. As such, growing narcissus in the garden is often encouraged by those practicing the arts.

The narcissus flower is also associated with the Horse and Goat zodiac signs.

In the commercial world where the demand of essential oils are rising, narcissus essential oil is known to have a sweet floral fragrance that’s deemed to be erotic.

When pictured with bamboo and stones, it signifies being blessed with longevity by immortals.

The narcissus can also symbolize a married couple in the right context.

When peonies are paired with the narcissus, it represents an impending marriage on the horizon.

Feng shui

In feng shui, the beautiful narcissus flower is mostly associated with unlocking potential and talent.

Thus, it is a common item used for gifts. Especially to those who are desperate to climb the corporate career ladder as fast as possible.

This makes the north, east and southeast ideal areas for placement of the narcissus.

It can be placed in the south when one is seeking more status and fame in his line of work.

And can be especially potent for academic achievements when it is placed where the academic star 4 is located in the home according to flying star feng shui.

However, one thing homeowners should note is that paintings of the narcissus flower should not be displayed in the southwest as it can push relationships within the household into turmoil or attract bad romance luck to residents.

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