Feng Shui Considerations For A North Facing House

While all houses or apartment units that faces the north direction would have identical energy maps internally, the methods to feng shui them can be starkly different from one another due to different floor plans, layouts, residents, external landscape environment, etc.

While this is so, there are various feng shui principles for north facing houses that can be applied to all of them as long as one has a good understanding of the concepts behind them.

The key point here is that you would need to learn basic feng shui and apply them to your house yourself instead of finding a report which you can meticulously follow to the letter.

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The exception is when the examples we use here is exactly the same as your house.

Feng shui bagua map

The feng shui bagua map is one of the most basic yet potent concepts of feng shui that continues to be revered today.

When you hear about feng shui masters mentioning to clients that the daughters of the family are finding it hard to get married because of the missing northwest, or when one is finding promotion progress at work going nowhere because of a cluttered south sector, it is most often with reference to the life aspects of the 8 trigrams contained within the bagua in which these remarks are made.

For a quick recap, the following directional sectors of a house governs the following aspects of life:

  • North for career (kan)
  • South for recognition (li)
  • East for health (chen)
  • West for family (tui)
  • Northeast for academics (ken)
  • Northwest for mentors (chien)
  • Southeast for wealth (sun)
  • Southwest for relationships (kun)

More about the trigrams and their representations can be found here.

So for a house that faces north direction, if it is a typical home with the front door at the center of the property’s facing, then this would be a house that would generate career luck to bring success to inhabitants.

For a typical family unit of a married couple, the northwest and southwest should be kept clear of clutter and preferably shouldn’t have a toilet or store room in these locations. This especially so when both partners are working and generating dual income for the household.

The priority should be given to the breadwinner of the family if it is a single income household.

This means that if the husband is the breadwinner, then priority of preferential treatment should be given to the northwest, while if the sole income earner is the wife, then the southwest has more significance.

For example, if the washroom has to be located in one of these two directions areas of the home, then having it on sector that is associated with the homemaker is the better choice. It is the lesser evil.

And if the man of the house is the sole income earner, then a house with a missing northwest corner can be detrimental to his career.

Let’s say there is a kid in the family. A son.

If the boy is of young age, then the northeast would be of importance as it is where the ken trigram resides. The trigram that represents young men.

It would be good to set up his bedroom in this directional sector, or a study area where he can do his homework and study for examinations.

This is really fundamental stuff that feng shui practitioners must absolutely be proficient in.

Should the relationship corner (southwest) be a missing corner or badly afflicted, then other concepts of feng shui can be applied to tap on relationship energy to ensure a harmonious family under one roof.

8 mansions feng shui

8 mansions feng shui is a school of thought that identifies 4 good and 4 bad area of a house.

Among the favorable sectors that has positive energy, one of which is yen nien sector which brings relationship harmony when nurtured.

For a north facing house, the property would be sitting south. This makes it a Li House, making it favorable to those that belong to the east group according to personal kua numbers.

And gives us the below energy map.

The YN sector would be on the north. It would thus be good to have the main door here. Otherwise, a dining area would also help enhance the harmonious energy associated with this sector.

As a quick reference, the favorable sectors are SC, FW, TY, YN. The unfavorable sectors are JM, 6K, HH, 5G.

After superimposing this chart on the floor plan of the house, the unfavorable sectors should be best left for store rooms, toilets, and missing corners.

The exception is the kitchen where it has a reverse effect in 8 mansions feng shui. Because of the strong fire element the stove brings, it can turn favorable sectors in unfavorable and vice-versa.

So it should ideally be located in one of the unfavorable sectors of the house… except the northwest due to the ultimate feng shui affliction.

You can read up more about kitchen feng shui here.

The most critical aspect of the 8 mansions concept is to identify the SC sector and make good use of it to tap on energy that brings prosperity and success.

It would be best of these are common spaces like the living room with windows or doors to serve as the entry points of auspicious chi.

This this example, the Sheng Chi (SC) directional sector is the east. So it would be good if the living room is located in this area.

Other places that would be favorable to locate in the SC sector include the master bedroom, the study room, main doors, etc.

As can be observed, there are various choices for particular rooms and living spaces to be located all over the premises.

However for refinement, flying star feng shui can be applied.

Flying stars feng shui

If we take for example, a house that is facing north at 340° built during the period of 8, the below natal chart would apply.

Let’s look at 2 of the key areas of house with reference to flying star feng shui and the above birth chart generated.

  1. Main door
  2. Living room
  3. Master bedroom

The main door as previously mentioned in 8 mansions feng shui would be ideally placed in the north or east.

Coincidentally, the best sectors of the house according to it’s flying star natal chart is the north, east and north east.

So both the north and east are very favorable energy areas of the house. And would therefore be ideal locations for both the main door and living room.

The double 8 formation at the north in particular would be an area brimming with prosperity luck for the family to tap on.

Since it’s totally feasible for a main door to open right into the living room, if I have to choose, I go with both the front door and living room in the north sector of the house to activate the wealth star 8.

Something to note is that the main door should not be built in the northwest sector of the house. This is because not only does it have the conflict star 3 as the water star, it is also the JM sector according to 8 mansions.

Is it good or bad?

A main door located here would inevitably bring bad luck with conflicts abound, and even cause legal entanglements to arise.

The master bedroom can then be situated in the east for residents to tap on the favorable mountain star 1, and allow the heads of the household to absorb SC as described in 8 mansions.

While north east is also an area with favorable stars to locate a bedroom, because of it’s alignment with the facing of the house, the better choice would still be the east.

Something to note about this particular star chart is that there are two 2-5 star combinations located in the west and southeast.

Special care must be taken to manage these two areas and remedies should be put in place to subdue these undesirable stars or misfortune and sickness would befall the household, especially daughters in the household.

Individual who sleep in a bedroom located in these areas can also be badly afflicted by them.

As you can see, these examples don’t apply to everybody.

This why if you want to feng shui your own north facing house, then you need to have a basic understanding of basic feng shui principles so that you can apply them to your own house.

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