7 Odd Color Combinations That Can Actually Be Auspicious

When it comes to colors for feng shui, two distinct camps have emerged from the circle of feng shui practitioners in the last 2 decades.

Those who concur that colors have a role to play in feng shui. And those who feels that this line of though is absolute baloney.

In fact, many people who leans towards the latter contend that nothing in the classical texts say anything about colors and feng shui.

I have nothing against those who have that line of thought. But to explore and practice metaphysics requires an open mind. I can only say that confirmation bias is a scrooge that will lead you ashtray. How many of the original classics have you read? Have you chosen to selectively ignore certain aspects of what you’ve read? Are you just parroting what someone else has said?

Anyway this is not the topic of this discussion.

If you belong to the camp that believes colors are representations of elements which can affect feng shui, then this discussion is for you.

Choosing color schemes for home interiors and the office can already be a huge challenge since we most probably would have to live with it for some time. But this can be an even bigger headache when for one reason or another, an odd color combination is the design of choice for a particular room or living space.

Is it a combination of colors that will bring good luck or cause the mother of all feng shui afflictions?

Here are some of these combinations that might have made it to your wall paint shortlist.

1) Green and blue

Green and blue are two of the most dominant colors of nature associated with water the wood. Think sea and forest.

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But oddly enough, for most people, designs consisting of these 2 colors are not intuitively beautiful to the eyes.

How many corporations can you think about with a green-blue logo? None?

Yet despite this bizarre color combination, green and blue is a harmoniously balanced blend that means progressive growth.

The east or southeast would be the best sectors of the house to locate such a mixture of colors.

2) Red and yellow

While this is a generally auspicious combination, it can be too strong and too yang for some people to handle.

If a feng shui doctor prescribes introducing a combination of red and yellow into a space, the chief reason is almost always to boost it’s yang energy.

But be warned. As you might not be able to withstand it’s power.

In any case, red-yellow parings are suitable for earth locations of the northeast and southwest.

3) Red and gold

This is undoubtedly a color combination deeply linked to wealth luck. It’s no coincidence that red packets are almost exclusively designed with these 2 colors combined. You don’t need a cultured taste to appreciate it.

Gold is a manifestation of metal, while red is fire.

As a couple, gold with red symbolizes the echelons of higher management.

They are definitely inappropriate for bedrooms, but can be suitable for areas that see a huge amount of activity.

At home or in the office, it is best placed in the northeast and southwest.

4) Black and white

While some homeowners might consider this pairing as “normal”, interior decors with just black and white are few and far between.

It just reminds us of the bland days without color TV and color photos.

This is the ultimate duo of yin and yang. And from an elemental perspective, it represents the harmonious relationship between water and metal.

Saying that, you’d probably don’t need anyone to remind you that dominant black is never good for any living spaces. So never allow black to outshine white unless you specifically need more black for a practical reason.

The north, west and northwest would be the most appropriate for this combination of colors.

5) Red and green

Would a red sofa be suitable for a room with green walls?

This is a Christmas-like fire and wood combo that creates the luck of status and recognition.

Children, especially sons would reap the greatest rewards from such a configuration.

Best suited for the south sector of the house.

6) Purple and silver

This is an interesting mixture of colors that look like a conflict of fire and metal on the surface.

The uniqueness comes from the purple fire that when matched with silver metal represents the most valuable of precious metals.

However, one should proceed with caution as not everybody would have a bazi that is suited for such conflicting elements.

A purple living room with a silver front door for example, is not suitable for various types of houses.

This combination can be at the west and northwest at times. But safest at the northeast or southwest.

7) White and yellow

A glorious combination that welcomes strong active yang energy into living spaces.

But like the red-yellow arrangement, this can be too strong for some people. And becomes harmful instead of helpful.

It is a common combination for the colors of day curtains.

Only use this under guidance in the west and northwest.

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