Orchids Symbolism In Feng Shui

The orchid is one of the celebrated 4 noble plants in Chinese culture.

Translated to lan (蘭), this word can also refer to iris or lily.

Being a flower with a strong scent, the symbolism of the orchid is usually attributed to the sweet aroma that it releases into the air.

The feminine perception of orchids also means that when the word lan is used in names, it tends to be limited to women’s names.

Yet in feng shui, it can also be a symbol of the superior man.

Probably because one has to be so comfortable with himself that he has no qualms with displaying the feminine side of him.

After all, all yang will have some yin. And vice-versa.

Even the great sage Confucius likened a refined gentleman’s integrity to that of an orchid. He used the flower as a metaphor in various works.

In general orchids represent perfection, elegance, natural beauty and love.

Orchid feng shui

In feng shui practice, the orchid is mostly used to enhance family luck and fertility luck.

The color of the orchid plays a vital role in determining it’s potency.

Violet orchids are said to be the most auspicious among the many varieties of the plant.

Pink orchids can help mend or maintain harmonious relationships as it ignites passion.

White orchids brings harmony to the household by filling the space with calm, clarity, innocence and peace.

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When placed in the relationship corner of the house, or where the number 4 flying star is located, it can help singles get hitched by drawing romance luck.

With the above mentioned in mind, it is no wonder potted orchid plants are one of the most popular feng shui plants used as gifts to a loved one.

However, when potted plants are used, be mindful of the color and material of the pot. Including design art on the pot itself.

If live plants are not of preference, paintings or designs of orchids can play a similar role.

Take note that artificial plants can play a role of symbolism but don’t bring wood element to enhance the energy of a space.

Placement of the orchid

Since the placement of the orchid is mostly for harmony and relationships, when used with 8 mansions feng shui, orchids should be placed in the yen nian sector of the house.

This is the area that governs the energy in this aspect.

When applied to flying stars feng shui, it should be placed where the mountain star 4 is located for harmony and the maintenance of good relationships.

Placing it in a section of the house where the water star 4 is located can bring about romance luck for residents.

When applied with reference to the bagua map, flowers and plants are best placed in the east or southeast sectors of the premises as these are where the wood element resides.

This matches up pretty well with the orchid as the east is associated with family, which is an aspect that the orchid will enhance.

Because of this, it is often recommended by feng shui masters to place orchids on the dining table if the dining area is in the east.

Not only will this help improve the aesthetics of the dining area, it can also help develop relationships as this is where the family often gathers for meals and have a hearty chat with each other as a family.

Finally, if you have decided on an orchid painting, consider going with the 4 noble plants of plum blossom, chrysanthemum, bamboo and orchids.

Since the decision has been made to display orchids at home for feng shui, you might as well go all in and harness the energy of all 4 instead of just one.

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