7 Things You Don’t Want To See At Bedroom Door Facing

In feng shui, one of the biggest ailments that practitioners pay attention to is what is directly outside the main door.

This is where we hear about most of the different types of hostile objects and structures such as lamp posts, fire hydrants, electric pylons, etc.

But the same concept can be said of bedroom doors.

But instead of roof lines and water tanks that exists outside the house, the stuff that can be observed outside bedroom door are mostly interior constructions.

The exception is when the bedroom door opens to a window with a view of the external environment.

So what are the objects and structures that exist in a house that we don’t want to have in front of the bedroom door?

1) Another bedroom door

This is actually a very common occurrence in the layout of modern homes. Especially with apartments and small spaces.

A bedroom door facing another bedroom door, or any other door for that matter is not a serious affliction, but a feng shui affliction nevertheless.

It is not going to cause a direct wealth loss unless under certain unique configurations.

What this affliction is concerned with is family disharmony within the household.

This is because the windows of a bedroom represents the eye of inhabitants. And the door represents the mouth.

When a “mouth” faces another one, we don’t get kissing but get arguments and conflicts instead.

2) Mirror

Mirror placement is one of the biggest dilemmas that a feng shui enthusiast face from time to time.

This is because mirrors can often make a home appear so much more spacious and luxurious. But wrong placement can easily cause bad feng shui.

And one of the places where a mirror should not be placed in front of a door.

This creates an yin atmosphere that links to the underworld.

At this point some people might argue that feng shui has nothing to do with the world of spirits and such.

That is correct.

But feng shui is all but a sub-set of the 5 arts. And another of the sub-sets concerns this particular realm of metaphysics.

Anyway, it’s not really ideal when you open the bedroom door in the middle of the night to grab a snack from the refrigerator and sees a shadowy figure staring back at you.

And if there is a door in the house (in the mirror reflection) that people don’t use, then who is using it…

3) Pillar

For the front door of a property, having a pole or tree directly at it’s facing is undesirable.

While trees seldom find themselves into the house, except when the homeowner has exquisite taste, it’s not that far-fetched to find standalone pillars in the home interiors.

This is like a concrete blade attacking and cutting into the bedroom.

When such floor plans are present, the resident of the bedroom can suffer from health problems and injuries.

A variation of this is when there is a beam above that door that pierce through the door opening. This is like a spear through the mouth.

And no one probably needs any explanation of why that is unfavorable to the household.

4) Edge of wall

This is another very common construction that is built according the floor plan.

And they are usually caused by space limitations that architects have to work within.

They cause energy entering the bedroom to have an imbalance of chi, which in turn, becomes sha chi.

Imagine driving the car out of the garage with the garage door half closed and you should see what I mean.

Keep in mind that not all wall edges are poison arrows that will cause feng shui problems.

In this case, they only cause afflictions when it is directly in front of the bedroom door.

5) Downward staircase

When the bedroom door opens directly into a downward staircase, it does not only pose a safety hazard, but also bad feng shui as well.

It represents a life and career that is going in a downwards direction.

When the start of the staircase is too near to the door, it also creates the sha chi called the running nose (牵鼻水) which is a common problem with apartments.

On the contrary, opening a bedroom door to be greeted by an upward staircase would be much better than a downward one.

6) Kitchen stove

A bedroom that exits directly into the kitchen is generally not something that feng shui master would recommend.

But we can often turn a blind eye to it if there nothing seriously wrong with the layout.

Just like not all wall edge would create feng shui problems.

However, if the bedroom door opens with the kitchen stove in view, then it is definitely something that households should avoid.

It can cause family members to be temperamental and moody, inducing a higher probability of conflicts from occurring between different people.

7) Toilet bowl

You would have a real problem on your hands if your bedroom opens to a toilet.

Opening to a washroom can be bad enough, but opening to the toilet is as bad as it gets.

This is the fixture where human waste (the things we don’t want) is discarded.

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Have a bedroom facing it would invite all the soiled chi into the bedroom… where you are the most vulnerable when you sleep.

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