Ox Zodiac (1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 2997, 2009, 2021)

The ox has long been making a significant contribution towards humanity.

Farmers use buffaloes to help them with harvesting crops, cows and cattle have long been reared for milk and to make other dairy products, it is even given a spiritual status in some countries and abusing them is outlawed.

The ox is associated with the hours from 0100 to 0300. It is related to the Lin (臨) hexagram, and the Ken trigram.

It is represented by the second earthly branch Chou (丑) and is symbolic of the later stages of winter during the months of January and February.

Chou can also be translated to mean ugly, twisted and being filled with hatred.

The elemental base is yin earth (陰土).

In TCM, Chou can be an indication of the liver and spleen.

It sits on the northeast direction of the compass and takes up the range from 22.5° – 37.5°.

It is the second on the order of the 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with yin water element, and related to winter and the month of January.


Thoughtful, patient, stable, meticulous, fast-learner, authoritative.


Stubborn, proud, moody, trivial, thinking too much.


Those born in the year of the Ox tend to be good with hands-on activities.

While they are generally open-minded, it’s not easy convincing them that someone else’s ideas are correct instead of just an opinion.

They prefer stability and a stress-free lifestyle rather than taking risks that could put that stability at risk.

Because of this, they are not entrepreneurial by nature and business skill have to be acquired from learning or via experiences.

Women who are born in the Ox year are usually homely and prioritizes family over social life.

However, they tend to not just want to live well, but also for others to observe them living well. This can often cause others to label them as materialistic.

Love life

The Ox is naive with matter of the heart. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on circumstances and the character of the partner.

They could be reserved and hide their true personality until they get comfortable enough to reveal the person behind the facade to their partner.

However, once that defensive barrier is broken, they are well-known for their loyalty.

This is partly because of their preference pf stability over unpredictability.

Relationship with others

Compatible zodiacs for romance are the Snake, Rat, Rooster and Oxen.

Compatible friends include Monkey, Dragon, Rabbit, Pig and Ox.

They tend to be incompatible with Horse, Tiger, Goat and Dog whether in romantic relationships and friendships.

Relationships between zodiacs in astrology can have deeper meanings when looked at more closely.


Because of a careful and perfectionist nature, the ox is very suitable for professional jobs that focuses on climbing the corporate ladder.

Structures and guidelines appeal to them.

They make great managers but leading top management can be a problem due to their tendency to find leaders to follow rather than take the lead themselves.

5 Elemental Ox

With the 5 fundamental elements in Chinese metaphysics that each zodiac can take up, there are essentially 5 different elemental Oxen.

Here are the basics of what they implicate on the personal traits of an individual.

Wood ox (1925, 1985)

The wood ox has strong moral values and prides himself for straight honesty and high integrity. He is also eloquent enough to hold his own in social settings. Decision making also tend to lean towards a progressive nature.

The wood ox is able to balance himself/herself nicely between imagination and practicality.

This often leads to a life pursuit leaning towards work-life balance of success and personal indulgence.

Fire ox (1937, 1997)

The fire ox has a ruthless combination of charisma and ambition. Sometimes this relentless attitude can create a lot of carnage en-route to his goals. However, it would be hard to convince a fire ox to do anything unethical.

Those born under this horoscope are instinctively drawn to politics, yet can often be pulled towards individual desires.

Energy and persistence would be a strong driving force towards achieving their life goals.

Earth ox (1949, 2009)

The earth ox is down to earth with feet on the ground. While creativity is not the best attribute, a hard working characteristic together with optimism will enable one to plough through all types of problems with the end goal in mind.

The focus is almost always on the present rather than hanging onto the past or dreaming about the future.

However this does not mean that they are prone to financial irresponsibility. On the contrary, they can be thrifty… which many can perceive that as being a miser.

Metal ox (1961, 2021)

The metal ox tend to have a proud personality, and sometimes move into arrogant territory. However, success will be from the result of hard work and determination rather than down to luck and inner circles.

The rigidity of metal makes metal oxen great organizers and administrators. Allowing them to excel in such job capacities.

With a big picture mentality, they are also usually people whose words can be trusted and depended upon.

Water ox (1973)

The water ox is one who is contented with what he has rather then depress over what he has not. This does not mean that he doesn’t enjoy luxuries in indulgences. While generally calm and able to contemplate issues from different angles, one can be easily prone to jealousies especially with affairs of the heart.

They tend to be rather protective of others and family-oriented. This makes them the perfect shield when one needs protection from outsiders and gossip.

A happy and stable family life will be enough to make water oxen contented with life.

Fortune during Chinese zodiac years

Because different years that represent other animals on the zodiac carry different energies including heavenly stems and earthly branches, luck enjoy by those born in the year of Ox will undoubtedly experience luck roller coasters as the years go by.

Ox in rat year

The rat year brings about a time period for catching up with old pals and making new friends.

While it would be a good time to meet people who share the same interest, these new relationships are unlikely to develop into romance. Even if there is a romantic connotation, it might not develop until the next year.

Life problems should be minor and easily dealt with.

However at work, it would be constant hard work with little signs of slowing down.

Ox in ox year

This is generally a year of good fortune for the ox.

Not only will one see success at work, but will also enjoy happiness outside the office.

These positive experiences might create a feeling of invincibility, prompting the ox to take on risks that were never even considered.

Be careful with money and only make investments that reap rewards in the long run.

Ox in tiger year

The ox don’t generally do well in tiger years. Be prepared for a turbulent period of life.

Problems can arise not just at the office, but at home and in social life as well.

Take special care in contemplating when adversity requires you to make major changes in life.

Ox in rabbit year

Expect competition to arise that might be of a friendly nature at first.

Be wary when opening up to new friendships as people might have hidden agendas who are just waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Romantic relationships in this particular year could be out of convenience rather than actual love and affection.

Ox in dragon year

Be prepared to face challenges especially in the first half of the year.

Stress and struggles can be expected. The good part is the the ox is known to take hardship in his stride.

Fruits of labor, if any, will more likely to show towards the later part of the year.

It would be wise to spend this time planning for long term goals and lay the seeds for their realization.

Ox in snake year

It would be a year of good fortune as the ox find recognition at work and comfort at home.

Managing the task of life will seem so easy for the ox without needing to break a sweat.

Expect bigger monetary bonuses and windfalls.

Ox in horse year

The ox will find himself in a peculiar position of being busy harvesting the fruits of his labor throughout previous years.

While pampering himself is justified, be careful with complacency.

For failing to plan for the future might mean these luxuries will never arrive again in future.

Ox in goat year

It is a year of self-reflection as success of previous years starts to come to a standstill.

This lack of progress can leave the ox questioning himself and his own decisions.

Spending too much time thinking rather than doing can be disastrous.

This is a year to take bold action.

Ox in monkey year

The ox will find opportunity aplenty in the Monkey year.

If he does not see them, it is due to a failure to notice them.

Having a positive mindset rather than a pessimistic one might open one’s eyes to the wealth of opportunities right under his nose.

It is generally a year of good luck. But be prepared to walk out of your comfort zone.

Ox in rooster year

The ox will find it very tempting to be adventurous and spontaneous this year.

Things that always seemed too dangerous to try or scary to attempt suddenly get considered.

This might because of love interests and suitors that pop up in your life.

Ox in dog year

There might be an urge to relocate. And that is out of desire rather than a need.

Remember to consider the thoughts and feelings of all family members as this will inevitably have an impact on all those close to you.

Ox in pig year

This is a year of an engaging social life.

Relationships will bloom professionally and personally.

Be careful of mistaking friendship for romance and vice-versa or you might end up with a broken heart.

It could very well be a fun and exciting year ahead.

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