Palm Trees For Feng Shui

Palm trees can be imposing plants that can often be specifically grown around buildings and naturally in the wild.

It’s like an icon of relaxation and tranquility. And can be found in the premises of hotels and resorts.

Some even use them as business logos.

They are actually commonly spotted at a lot of other places.

Not necessarily because people have a higher preference to grow them, but also be cause they are easy to identify with their unique appearance.

They are considered one of the lucky plants.

The palm branch in particular, is said to be a symbol of victory and peace.

While they are mostly known to be towering trees, they can be cultivated to be small sized for indoor placement.

However, when they are grown as indoor houseplants, they are usually “designed” to have short trunks with mostly green branches and leaves.

Feng shui

If you intend to have palm trees in the premises to create that resort look for the house, they are best kept outdoors as the base of the plants can often be unsightly even with careful pruning.

They can make great additions to the landscape in the front yard when creating your own personal garden space.

And with most big plants, the best feng shui use for palm trees is outside the house to block powerful sha chi such as corners of buildings or electrical pylons.

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This is a tree plant that is sizable enough to block almost anything.

For example, when an electric tower is facing the the house, there is nothing much you can do except to block it from direct view. This can be especially important when the hostile structure is facing the window. It’s certainly much better feng shui to open your window and be greeted by a palm tree than a pylon tower.

It should not be planted directly in front of the main door… unless the alternative is to be faced with a source of sha chi like a lamp post every time you open the door.

Because of their considerable height, planting them on the left side of the house to create a hedge can also help you create the form of a green dragon on the left side of the house. This can bring more luck to the household in terms of business opportunities and career development luck.

Should you line them up on the right side of the house, pay particular attention to what is on the left side of the house.

This is because the right side of a house belong to the realm of the white tiger.

In general feng shui practice, the left side should be taller than the right. Otherwise, the stripped beast would revolt as it is not kept in check.

A taller right side would only be acceptable if the main breadwinner or leader of the household is female.

Because a palm tree is essentially a strong source of wood energy, if you want to be certain that it does not cause an elemental clash with other areas of the house, keep them in the north, east, southeast or south.

It must also be added that adult palm trees can be tedious to maintain due to their height.

So if you are not ready to climb up a ladder to remove dead leaves or to deal with pest infestations, it’s better to go with something else that is easier to maintain and requires less commitment.

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