6 Ways To Activate Peach Blossom Luck In Feng Shui

There are a huge variety of phrases used in Chinese metaphysics that has made it’s way into modern conversational language.

Some of the most popular ones are Tian Shi Di Li Ren He (天时地利人和) which is a reference to being at the right place at the right time, Yi Ming Er Yun San Feng Shui (一命二运三风水) which refers destiny luck and feng shui, or Feng Shui Lun Liu Zhuan (风水轮流转) that is translated to feng shui being cyclic, etc.

Another one that is a frequently used phrase is Tao Hua Yun (桃花运) which literally translates to peach blossom luck and is a reference to good luck with romance.

For example, when someone is experiencing a hot streak with the ladies, we can say that he is enjoying Tao Hua Yun. Or when a lady has never had a problem with attracting men, we can say that she has always had Tao Hua Yun.

This phrase is so commonly used in everyday interactions that it has made it’s way into the dialogue of countless shows on TV and in cinemas. Some movie titles even contain the exact words. This should be enough evidence to tell anyone that people intuitively understands what the phrase means.

If you are involuntarily single, or have consistently suffered from an inability to meet eligible singles, maybe what you need is a little peach blossom luck to boost your romantic life.

There are various ways that you can activate your peach blossom luck, or romance star, in Chinese metaphysics. Here are some of the most powerful methods.

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But before discussing them, do take note that there are what can be described as good peach blossoms and bad peach blossoms. The former referring to healthy romance and love that people are familiar with. And the latter referring to bad luck constantly meeting suitors that are undesirable or getting involved in love scandals. This is why we have to be careful and practice this pragmatically without going overboard.

I think a lot of people can agree that too much love from different directions can have potentially dire consequences.

1) Personal peach blossom

The most basic practice of invoking a little extra romance luck is with bazi.

This method of Chinese astrology is able to identity 2 specific sources of romance and relationship luck. They come in the form of symbolic stars.

Namely Hong Yan (红艳) and Tao Hua (桃花). The former is more associated with attractiveness (or sexiness) to the opposite gender, and the latter linked to proper relationships that lead to marriage.

Both can be considered peach blossoms stars. And it might as well because many different masters and practitioners can specifically name either one as the peach blossom star.

You can identify your personal peach blossom star by following links above and read the guide.

For example someone with the Tiger zodiac, if you determine that you have your own share of suitors to brag about but just have bad luck meeting the right person or potential life partner to get involved in a serious relationship, help can come from your tao hua in the form of the rabbit zodiac… which will point you to the direction of East.

With this material piece of information, you can sleep in the east bedroom, the eastern part of your bedroom, or even make those flirty messages with the suitor(s) you fancy at the east sector.

If this area is the toilet, then you will know now why you have been having all these bad relationship all these while.

In the example above, the individual will also enjoy better luck with romance and meeting potential suitors when the rabbit arrives. Maybe via the annual earthly branches, monthly branches, the personal luck pillars, hanging out with friends of the rabbit zodiac, etc.

2) Peach blossom of house

When talking about peach blossoms luck, many practitioners only talk about the one associated with personal bazi.

What they don’t discuss, for one reason or another, is that a residence can have it’s own peach blossom star.

This can be found by determining the sitting direction of a house, then with military precision reverse engineering, look for the tao hua with the sitting as the reference point.

For example, if your house has a main door at the facing of the property facing south 2, then sitting would be north 2. Looking at the 24 mountains chart, we can tell that north 2 is the home of the rat zodiac. Next, taking a look at tao hua table below, we can see that the peach blossom for rat is rooster.

Peach Blossom
Rat Rooster
Ox Horse
Tiger Rabbit
Rabbit Rat
Dragon Rooster
Snake Horse
Horse Rabbit
Goat Rat
Monkey Rooster
Rooster Horse
Dog Rabbit
Pig Rat

Rooster is at the west side of the property. So this would be a good area to set up some love attractors. Keep the area clutter-free and try to use the space as much as possible.

Another way of activation is to do activities in the area during which the rooster is dominant in the time dimension. For example, during the hours of 5pm to 7pm, on days of the rooster, months of the rooster, invite someone with the rooster zodiac over, etc.

Activities can include playing music (especially ballads), watching TV (like love drama), switching on the lights, calling the person you fancy on the phone.

Since we are using the 24 mountains in this method, take note that not all houses will have this particular energy as some will not be sitting on a zodiac.

So what if your house doesn’t have one?

3) Annual peach blossom

If you are particularly interested in the theoretical mathematics of feng shui and bazi, then this concept might bring a little excitement.

Because a year is attached to a particular zodiac, we can use that zodiac as the reference point to determine the peach blossom directional sector for a specific year.

For example, 2021 was a year of the Ox zodiac. According to the table shown previously, the romance star would be the horse zodiac., which is located at the south. So to activate and supercharge this energy source for this year, keep the area clutter-free, have the lights on often, place flowers here, make your flirtatious calls in this sector, etc.

The potency of this methodology can be even more powerful if the annual flying star 4 lands on the same sector, or if a 1-4 combination is present as will be discussed later.

4) 8 mansions feng shui

In 8 mansions feng shui, a house is segmented into 8 sectors that govern various aspects of life.

Which sector you would to be particularly looking for is the Yen Nian (YN) sector.

If a house is sitting on southwest for example, the YN sector would be situated at northwest.

This is the area in the house or bedroom where you’d want to be flirting on Whatsapp.

If this space is somehow impossible to use, then find your personal YN sector by identiying your own kua number. The identified direction is where you want to tap on for more success in your relationships.

There is another interesting sector that you can tap on… if you dare.

The 6 killings sector is associated with scandals. So this energy might be more desirable if you are seeking quantity over quality.

5) Flying stars feng shui

For many feng shui practitioners, flying stars feng shui is all-encompassing and covers almost all aspects of life. And rightly so.

What you want to be specifically looking for is the star 4 in the sector of the house acting as the resident mountain star.

For instance if your house has a facing of northeast2 in period 8, then it has the below natal chart.

As can be observed in the energy map above, the star 4 occupies the top left grid at the southeast. This is where the resident mountain star 4 reside in the house.

Activate the area by using it as a bedroom. You can also place your bed in this sector of the bedroom. If this is a common area, strengthen the #4 by placing flowering plants. You will seeing your romance luck take a turn for the better soon.

If you have a storeroom in this location, no wonder you have been running into boring men all the time 😀

While the star 4 is already powerful enough as a relationship luck enhancer, it will be supercharged if there is a 1-4 combination. This is because star 1 is a natural booster of star 4.

This is also present in the chart for NE2 facing above.

6) Good old form school

Ancient form school feng shui states that the bedroom is where romance luck is governed in the house.

If you want good luck in romance and marriage then here are some guidelines to follow:

  • The bed has to be accessible from both sides
  • There can only be 1 bed in the room
  • No TVs or mirrors reflecting the bed
  • The bed must not be afflicted by overhead beams or door lines or other sources of sha chi
  • No observable clutter
  • The washroom should not be visible from the bed
  • The bedroom door should not be visible from the main door of the house
  • No rooms within rooms
  • Peach blossom luck comes naturally if you have a window view of thriving flowers

Because form school feng shui takes precedence over formula feng shui, it is often said that any of the afflictions listed above can conceivably overwrite any of the action taken for 8 mansions and flying stars. You won’t be able to tap on those energies efficiently if you don’t respect form school.

For example, if flying stars tell you to sleep at the door of your bedroom, are you going to do it? Of course not. This is form school.

So if anything, Do put form school as your top priority.

Finally, remember that feng shui can bring romance luck into your life. But whether you act on them is your personal choice and another matter altogether.

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