The Peach Blossom Star Shows Your Appeal To The Opposite Sex

What does your bazi have to say about your attractiveness to the opposite sex?

It might surprise some people to realize that bazi can be so comprehensive about life aspects, that it can even tell whether someone will live a life full of suitors.

But this is true. And the peach blossom star serves to indicate it.

Often confused with the flower of romance, the peach blossom star (红艳) is more associated with attractiveness to the other gender and thus having a consistent pipeline of suitors.

Whereas the flower of romance is more associated with marital romance and relationship between married couples.

Some writers label the flower of romance as the peach blossom. And call the peach blossom something else such as red chamber. Just take note of this should you run into confusion when reading up about these two symbolic stars.

When you have the peach blossom star in your bazi, you will have a wide variety of suitors to pick from.

However, do note that this has no indication to the quality of the suitors.

To identify and find your peach blossom star, refer to your self-element and discover which earthly branch is your peach blossom star from the below table.

Self element Peach blossom star
H1 E7
H2 E7
H3 E3
H4 E8
H5 E5
H6 E5
H7 E11
H8 E10
H9 E1
H10 E9

See what the above symbols above represent

If your peach blossom star can be found in your bazi, then you would enjoy a lot of luck with the opposite sex.

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It can also indicate that you have sex appeal, attractive, social status, charismatic, or very persuasive with words.

Whatever the case, you are not someone who would be lonely… unless you choose to be.

Having just one peach blossom star in your bazi would already bestow you with enough suitors to handle.

This means that if you have more than one, it could mean that you are much more sensual than others or have a lot of people around you who are closely associated with sexual adventures.

If you do not have a peach blossom star in your bazi, don’t fret as it can still make an appearance in your luck cycles.

Remember that a proper bazi would include luck cycles consisting of 5-year blocks?

Your peach blossom star might just show up via your luck pillars during your lifetime.

This indicates that one would enjoy a lot of luck with suitors during that period of time.

For example, if your self element is Jia wood (H1), your peach blossom star would be Wu fire (E7). While E7 might not be present in your bazi, it might still show up in your luck pillars during a 5-year block like from age 29-34.

In this case, you would enjoy the best of luck in dating during those years in life.

Because E7 is associated with the Horse zodiac and represents the fire element, it can also mean that you would have the best romance luck with people born in the year of the horse and those with a fire self-element.

On top of that, E7 also represents a south direction. This can indicate that you would enjoy the best dating luck in the southern geographic region.

To go into such details, a deeper look into bazi is required.

For basics, just know that if you have the peach blossom star in your bazi, you have the luck to be popular with the ladies or gentlemen.

Enhancing the peach blossom star

To invigorate a peach blossom star, one must first identify which element the star consist of.

From the previous example, E7 is a fire element earthly branch.

This implies that it can be nurtured with wood and strengthened by fire. And placing items symbolizing these elements in the south (E7) can help to boost it.

In this sense, wood would indirectly enhance your romance luck while fire do it directly.

If in doubt, you also use the general methods of improving romance luck by placing things like rose quartz or peonies at the south.

Just remember to identify your self-element first in order to identify your peach blossom star, so that you can determine what elements can enhance it and which directional sectors it reside.

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