How To Identify Peeping Tom Sha From External Environment

Sha chi from the external environment can often be quite harsh towards the feng shui of a house.

This is because external structures are often huge and would cause distress to any property within the vicinity.

Some of the most well-known external form sha chi that negatively affects property include the electric pylon, sky axe, sharp roof lines in close proximity, etc.

Another type of sha chi is the peeping tom sha. This is understandably better known for it’s nick name rather than the hostile nature it embodies.

It is called tan tou sha (探头煞) in Chinese. Or more casually known as xiao ren tan tou (小人探头) which translates to someone who wishes ill of you revealing his head when peeping at what you are doing.

When a household is afflicted by the peeping tom sha, there is a tendency for being victimized by robbery, backstabbers, disharmony within the family, and even being scammed by con-men.

Family members who are most afflicted can be the target of unsavory gossip circulating among friends and colleagues.

What is the peeping tom sha chi?

The peeping tom rears it’s ugly head when the landscape or external structures create the appearance akin to a person’s forehead being seen when he is peeping over the wall.

This configuration requires a shorter structure at the foreground and a taller structure at the background. And the structures can be in the form of mountains or buildings.

This must be in the view of your home’s window, balcony or main door with a view outside, for the house to be afflicted with this particular for of sha chi.

The taller building behind should also form the shape that is somewhat like a head for this sha chi to be present.

This means that just because there is a taller building behind a shorter one does not mean that you house or office is afflicted with this feng shui problem.

The “head” might not be in view due to the level an apartment is at, or the shape is too wide to resemble a “head”. In these cases, the peeping tom sha chi would not be present.


This type of external sha chi can be more problematic in urban city area where a lot of skyscrapers are present. However, not all properties in the vicinity would have such views.

Which direction the peeping tom rise from can also implicate which aspects of life it can affect homeowners.

For example, if it is from a direction of where the conflict star 3 is located, then it can mean that someone behind the scenes is spreading negative gossip about you. It can even mean that these unscrupulous people are trying to get you into trouble with the authorities.

When it is from a direction from where the sickness star 2 is residing, it might indicate that some sort of underlying condition or virus is lying dormant in you and might flare up any time.

When it is from a direction where the 5 yellow is present, then be careful as you might have competitors and enemies plotting against you.

One of the worse set up is to place a sofa with it’s back against the window, and the peeping tom is right behind you outside the window. Catastrophe would be sure to befall the household arising from enemies and nemesis.

To remedy this problem, you would have to undertake the standard cures meant for managing sha chi coming from the window view.

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These include setting up house plants to form a natural barrier, install curtains, partially cover up the window pane, etc.

Finally, take note that the closer the structural arrangement is to your house, the stronger the affliction. This also means that if the peeping tom configuration is some distance away, it would be too weak to cause any real feng shui damage unless the structure or landscape that created it is considerably big in size.

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