Period 9 Flying Stars Guide That Will Change How You Practice Feng Shui

One of the biggest events in feng shui that will dominate the landscape in the coming years is the arrival of period 9 in 2024.

This period 9 represents the tail end of a lower era (下元) of 60 years. This is commonly referred to as san yuan jiu yun (三元九运) which refers to the three 60 year eras, each consisting of 3 periods of 20 years each. The jupiter-saturn conjunction of December 2020 indicates that the heaven plate has already been rotating into position.

In the grander scheme of things, a grand cycle (大元) consist of 540 years, consisting of 3 eras of 180 years (正元) each.

As we enter 2024 year of the wood dragon, the purple star 9 will reign supreme from 4th February 2024 as the white star 8 steps aside.

This shift in energy is particularly significant because the most widely practiced form of feng shui today is arguably Xuan Kong flying stars feng shui. A concept that is stacked on top of Xuan Kong fundamentals that falls under the San Yuan umbrella. The changing of the guards represents approaching feng shui assessments from a slightly different angle since the status of the most prosperous star has changed.

However, even though faded stars are generally unfavorable, star 8 is fundamentally a positive star associated with wealth and success. Therefore, it is still a source of energy that can bring positive benefits when tapped on. This was unlike red star 7 when period 8 commenced in 2004.

The star 9 is associated with the Li trigram stationed at the south direction.

The implication is that the aspects that the Li trigram is linked to will become more prominent as period 9 energy starts to get a firm grip on the time dimension.

Some of these aspects include:

Another notable change is that star 2 will embody much more positive attributes. But do remember that it is still the star of sickness.

The status of the 9 stars can be observed in the following table.

Star 9 1,2 8 7 7,6 3,4,5 1

A full breakdown of different periods can be found here

The presence of water and mountain in particular directions from the perspective of a residence does not change with regards to the direct and indirect spirit.

This means that water is favorable for north, southwest, east, southeast, provided the flying star charts indicate that there are appropriate water stars in these sectors. The other directions are favorable for mountains.

Period 9 flying stars natal charts

When residents move into a new house from the start of period 9, the house would generate a period 9 chart with the base star 9 at the center of the house.

Depending on the facing of the property, it can take on one of 16 energy maps.

Something peculiar about period 9 flying star charts is that all 16 energy maps have the 9 grids containing star combinations that add up to the number 9 or the combination 9-9. There’s something magical about the number 9.

These star combinations are namely:

  • 1-8, 8-1
  • 2-7, 7-2
  • 3-6, 6-3
  • 4-5, 5-4
  • 9-9

The implication of this is that for natal charts generated during this period, from the 81 possible combinations of water stars and mountain stars, only 9 are in play. And the purple star 9 will always be accompanied by another 9 in a 9-9 pairing. So all house charts will contain all these 9 combos. This also means that there is a limitation to the aspects of life that one can harness from period 9 natal charts. There’s not much variety to ponder about.

It also implies that certain period 8 charts might be more auspicious in period 9 compared to period 9 charts in period 9. So do conduct a thorough assessment when considering updating your house chart to period 9. For instance a house facing northeast with the main door at the east can be in such a situation.

A period 8 house with main door at the east could have a house chart that’s better off in period 9 than a period 9 house chart for the same residence. If you change the chart to period 9, you would be effectively substituting the timely star 9 for the 5 yellow at the main door. You’d also be giving up a parent string chart.

On the other hand, homeowners can be more relaxed as there would not be any 2-5 5-2 combinations to worry about in the age of 9, except when annual stars arrive to form such a pairing.

But if you want a pearl string or parent string chart, or maybe even a simple but desirable 1-4 4-1 pairing, they are not available in period 9 charts. Thus, you are only left until 3rd Feb 2024 to buy and move into a new house with the required facing to erect one from period 8.

Special natal charts present in period 9 are those facing south1 and northwest2-northwest3 with southeast2-southeast3 as they are the 7 star robbery and sum of 10 formation respectively. Because the 9-9 will be present on every chart, all will have the double 9 in front or behind as well. Residences facing southwest and northeast will also see a parent string axis forming across the central axis from facing to sitting.

Interestingly, a house facing south, which is the period direction, will also have the phoenix in front and the left side will be east which is the spiritual home of the green dragon in landform.

The south1 facing chart in particular invokes intense fire energy from the front of the house. While it can bring immense good fortune, some people might not be able to tolerate such strong fire energy. A look into the bazi is required to determine the suitability.

And even though this chart has mountain stars that duplicate the luoshu sequence, this sequencing star structure will not take hold due to the favorable star configurations all over the chart.

Furthermore, the 2-7 and 7-2 reside on the southwest and west. This is a special configuration that advanced practitioners should be able to recognize. These 2 palaces have a divine connection bestowed by the rivermap… and in this case they contain the same stars which strengthens that linkage… with the stars forming a hetu combination within the palace and with each other palace-to-palace. As if to nail down this point, these 2 palaces are the spiritual homes of the black 2 and red 7. If there’s going to be a huge room in the house such as an extra-large living room, then this is a great location to put it.

The same fire fury somewhat mirroring a south1 facing house can be said, in a slightly lesser extent, to be present at the south sector of properties facing E1, W1, SW1 and NE1 due to the early heaven combination of stars 2-7 7-2 creating a fusion of pure elemental fire. This can either bring about assets accumulation or severe injuries. What are in these areas will play a particularly important role in determining which side of the scale it tips over. Again, a person’s bazi can offer greater insight.

Which is why before you buy a house with any of such facings mentioned, remember that everything stated here is a generalization. Big picture stuff. When you look into the finer details, it might not be a favorable house to certain individuals when we account for other factors in personal feng shui and bazi. Adhering to the personal grand duke is one good example.

1-8, 8-1

Both star 1 and star 8 are part of the trio of auspicious white stars. So this combination is appropriate for wealth pursuits in both the areas of career and business. Men will especially reap the benefits of this star combination.

Both combinations are suitable for home office and work areas. But one must proceed with extreme caution and stay low profile as consequences of mistakes can be magnified.

But for bedrooms, 1-8 is more appropriate due to the calmer nature of mountain star 1. But yin water energy should be present to harmonize the area to avoid health problems.

2-7, 7-2

Intense fire from hetu combination. PR problems. Strong passion.

Need to be cautious of love scandals. Fire hazards, especially when the annual 9 or monthly 9 enters this sector.

Favorable to fire-related industries.

Because star 2 is now a favorable star, this combination can also mean great success with real estate. Especially through partnerships.

3-6, 6-3

Prone to lower limb injuries, especially to men. But during this period, the effects are more subdued due to the strong fire energy that controls metal.

The presence of water will harmonize this pairing.

With the addition of water, it is suitable for athletes and competition.

Career-wise, jobs that excel in the absence of emotion will thrive. But be wary of letting greed take over your head. Separating work and romance is key to success.

4-5, 5-4

Not good for frequent travelers and relationships.

It also indicates health problems especially for females. Women can be prone to breast cancer.

Wealth loss tendencies. Potential sacrifices that you would never consider could come into the picture in an effort to preserve income and wealth.


Good for wealth, health, relationships. Spirituality. But be careful of becoming the victim of scams and legal disputes.

This space is suitable for all types of living areas such as the living room, bedroom, office, meditation room, etc. Keep the area clutter free with observable open area.

Don’t waste this space by locating a washroom or store room in it.

An example of a period 9 star for a property facing north2 is below.

For this house, the main door would be most auspicious when located at the northern sector. If it is an apartment with the main door on the other side of the facing, it is still desirable at the south with the 8-1 combination. The north can then be used for a work area or meditation room. It would be even better if a wealth location is located in the north. Otherwise, this area can also be appropriate as a bedroom. Especially since the yen nian sector is also located here.

With all that said, be mindful that it is not necessarily the case that period 9 natal charts are the best for period 9. A lot also depends on a property’s orientation and floorplan layout. It is equally important to have the right forms at the right places.

From a personal kua perspective, which is referred to as the life star in some circles, those with kua number 9 will have a good opportunity to reap immense good fortune. This is not just because it is period 9. That should be self-explanatory. But because the 3-6 6-3 star combination will be present in all period 9 charts.

This means that when an individual with kua 9 enters a space with either of these 2 star combinations, it will assemble the parent string of 3-6-9. The ultimate 3-hit combo for the ninth period.

It would thus be fine for a kua 9 individual to sleep in a bedroom with a star 3 sitting star or work at a home office with star 3 facing star. He or she could even thrive there.

If a home is badly afflicted by a star 3 wreaking havoc in a space, the presence of a kua 9 resident in the room could remedy it! It can flip a negative sector into a positive one.

If there are no individuals with kua 9 in the household, maybe you can invite a friend with kua 9 over as a guest from time to sit in the 3-6 6-3 sector. 😀

Testing for change to period 9 chart

There are feng shui experts that I know of who fully subscribe to the notion that all houses update their period charts organically when the period changes. This natural conversion is not a new idea. So don’t be surprised to meet practitioners who insist that your house has a period 9 chart because you are doing the analysis in period 9.

But if you have decided to update your home’s natal chart to period 9, don’t leave it to chance. Do the necessary renovations to acquire the chart outright.

To check whether this change has occurred at your house, refer to your house’s natal chart as if it is a period 9 house during period 9 and compare the happenings in the household to see whether the original natal chart or the one for period 9 makes sense.

For example, if your period 8 property is facing W1 with the main door at W1, it would have the jade star 3 at the main entrance which can bring conflict and disharmony into the household. If you find that 6 months into period 9 that tension within the dwelling has suddenly diminished and household members are suddenly becoming more harmonious and happy, then it could be that your home’s birth chart has indeed reverted to period 9 since a period 9 house facing W1 would have the purple star 9 at the main door.

Because a change in natal chart signifies a huge shift in the feng shui of a house, thorough analysis should be done before determining that your house’s energy map has indeed changed. Otherwise all future feng shui applications you conduct in at home can be pointless.

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