The Pi Yao (Pi Xiu) Is Both A Wealth Enhancer And Protector Against Bad Luck

Among the celestial creatures used in the application of symbolic feng shui, the Pi Yao is one of the most renowned.

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Partly because the grand duke affliction occurs each year and the pi yao is one of the most common methods used by feng shui practitioners to appease it.

The piyao is the ninth son of the Dragon king and also known by a variety of aliases including Pi Xiu (貔貅) and Pi Xie(貔邪).

In addition to that, males with a single antler or horn is known as a Tian Lu (天祿), while females with a two antlers or horns are known as Bi Xie (辟邪).

Males can also be referred to as Pi (貔) while females can also be referred to as Xiu (貅).

It is a celestial creature with a body and face that resembles a lion, with either one or two horns, a curled tail, and feathered wings on it’s sides.

Thus, it is often referred to as the winged lion and frequently depicted sitting on a bed of gold coins.

As a member of the 3 celestial guardians consisting of the fu dog, chi lin and itself, people often mistake one of the threesome with each other.

This is understandable as when they are made as display items, sometimes the unique details that differentiate them can be hard to observe, resulting in difficulties in telling them apart.

Legend of the Pi Yao

When people talk about folklore about Pixiu, it is almost always about one mythological story.

You might have even heard of it.

The story concerns the Pi Xiu eating all the gold and silver in heaven it came across in heaven and defecated on the floor of the heavenly palace.

The Jade Emperor was livid and smack the creature’s bottom, effectively sealing it’s anus. Then punished it by allowing it to only consume a metal coins diet.

Therefore, the pi xiu earned the reputation of the creature that accumulates wealth but never loses it.

This is also why this is one of the most appropriate feng shui artifacts displayed in business offices and a common lucky business gift.

The wealth luck attracting prowess of the pi yao is held in such high esteem by the Chinese that some casinos even go to the extent of not allowing any guest to enter their premises if they are found to be carrying one.

This is because it is also associated with indirect wealth and windfall luck.

Then there is the reasoning of why it is such an effective appeasement for the angry tai sui affliction.

The pi yao is understood to be a favorite pet of the tai sui. So putting it in the location of the tai sui helps to alleviate the relentless wrath of the heavenly general.

The Tian Lu and Bi Xie have also been found in ancient tombs by archaeologist standing guard over the departed for protection from evil forces.

Placement of the Pi Xiu

Like most celestial creatures, the pi xiu is not restricted to one direction, sector or location.

It can pretty much be placed in any sector of a house or office that requires it’s mystical wealth attracting and protective powers.

This means that they can be placed in wealth spots that reside in a house, or as a protective symbol against poison arrows (sha chi) like exposed corners and beams.

However, when used as wealth enhancers, one should be mindful of the nature of wealth elemental energy that is targeted for enhancement and the material of the pi xiu figure being used.

For example, if the wealth star 8 as in flying stars feng shui is the point of focus, then a pi xiu made with brass metal is not going to be the most appropriate.

This is because the wealth star 8 is earth energy base, and a metal presence will also aid to weaken the strength of the star instead of energizing it.

In this case, porcelain or any earth material will more more potent.

At the same time, if the prosperity star 1 which is of water elemental base is the object of focus, then a metal pi xiu will do just fine as metal bolsters water.

When placed inside the premises near the front door, take note that the creature should be facing out towards the door which signifies it calling for wealth luck from the external environment. This is especially so if you have one that is biting on a gold Chinese coin.

Saying that, an acceptable placement orientation is to have it face the sofa to signify it fetching money to you.

However, in this configuration, it is important not to place it directly in front of the sofa as celestial beings must never be confront head-on.

They are also sometimes displayed as escorts of deities, especially the god of wealth.

In 8 mansions feng shui, it should be placed in the Sheng Chi direction for calling wealth luck or the Fu Wei sector to maintain harmony in relationships.

I’ve also seen them standing guard in front of front doors in a yin-yang pair as an alternative to the infamous fu dogs.

It is said that they are able to provide protection to it’s owners against legal problems, conflicts, obstacles impeding success and bad luck in general.

They should never be placed in kitchens, bedrooms and toilets.

Finally, the pi yao is famed for appeasing the grand duke.

When used as such, it should be placed in the grand duke location and facing in that direction so that it can greet the tai sui.

It is also often carried around as a personal accessory, often as bracelets and made of gold or crystals such as citrine, when one is personally afflicted by the grand duke.

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