Pig Zodiac (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

In general speech, the pig is often associated with laziness and obesity.

But in Chinese tradition, it can be representative to wealth and abundance.

Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live a life doing what you want, anytime you want? And to be able to enjoy such pleasures in this modern world, you’d need to be successful at some level to afford that.

It became such a symbol of wealth that in a period of time, it was said that a house without a pig is just a house. Not a home.

This can even be observes in the Chinese character for house (家) which is written as a pig under a roof.

In mythodolgy, the pig is famously depicted in the classic story of “Journey to the West” as Zhu Bajie (猪八戒) who is a follower of Tang Sanzang. Together with the Monkey God and Sha Wujing are disciples of Tang Sanzang.

Yielding a 9-tooth iron muck rake as a weapon, he has combat abilities but nothing close to the level of the Monkey God.

In the story, he often displayed characteristics of lust, weakness for delicious food, happy-go-lucky and prone to lazing around.

The pig hours are between 2100 to 2300. It is associated with the 10th month of the Chinese lunar-solar calendar, and related to the Kun (坤) hexagram, and Chien trigram.

It is represented by the twelveth and last of the 12 earthly branches Hai (亥).

The elemental base is yin water (陰水) but has yang characteristics. Sort of like a yin exterior that consist of inner yang.

Hai is associated with the beginning period of winter from November to December.

The body parts it is associated with are the bladder, kidneys and triple burner (三焦).

It’s direction is northwest at 322.5° – 337.5°.

It is the twelve and last zodiac, fundamentally associated with yin water element, related to the season of autumn and the month of November.


Honest, simple, composed, loyalty, virtuous, high self-confidence, ability to stick to a plan.


Inflexible, gullible, willful, self-centered, placid, naive.


The pig has a lovable personality and nonthreatening. One would also be knowledgeable, honest, and joyful.

A gullible deep-thinker whose loyalty can sometimes be abused by those around him with hidden agendas.

This can either make him the target of bullies or have people more than willing to protect him.

They are usually very reserved to strangers. But will be completely trusting and candid once that ice is broken.

However, he only confides his biggest secrets to a few close friends.

They are fun people to make up the numbers. But are not suitable for leadership positions in social groups.

Love life

Because of the gullible nature of those born in the year of the pig, they are often the givers in relationships. This aspect of their personality also often make them victims of love.

It won’t be surprising for one to want to marry the first romantic partner in life. Especially when the partner insist on it.

They just can’t say no.

They are very tolerant to the shortcomings of others and can often accept the imperfections of individuals. This makes them very good long term partners.

While they can be obnoxious at times, they are not stupid.

If you have done something bad, don’t make the mistake of thinking he does not know. Most probably, he just choose not to talk about it.

Relationships with others

Compatible romantic zodiacs are Rabbit and Goat.

Compatible friends include Dragon, Horse, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rooster, Dog.

Incompatible zodiacs include the Snake and Monkey.

More about how zodiacs interact with each other is depicted here.


Pig are seldom ambitious and would more likely go after a work-life balance instead.

This usually leads them to job positions which they are comfortable with without needing to go the extra mile for recognition. However, they generally have good luck with money.

Often driven by materialistic possessions, they are most effective as team members behind the scenes that makes everything click.

Saying that, a risk-adverse nature makes them unsuitable for jobs that require a lot of decision making.

However, when pushed into leadership positions, they are able to hold their own very well.

Running a business successfully will be a very challenge. Most end up going back into employment.


It is generally said that individuals with the pig zodiac have the most auspicious marriages when they are married in the years of the Tiger, Rabbit or Goat.

Their luckiest months tend to be the first, sixth and tenth months. While their best days can be identified on the 1st day of the 1st month, and the 6th day of the 6th and 10th months.

The fourth day of the 4th month is believed to be very inauspicious.

5 Elemental Pigs

The pig horoscope can be further differentiated by 5 different elements.

Wood pig (1935, 1995)

The wood pig is smart but modest. Preferring to let others be in the limelight. He is helpful and always willing to offer help to those in need. This attribute can often be taken advantage of by others.

He loves to travel and finds peace visiting places of nature with scenic views.

Life decisions would not be heavily determined by financial pursuits.

Fire pig (1947, 2007)

The fire pig can be moody and emotional. He tends to worry about the little things. But when in a good mood, he can bring a social group to life.

This is an opinionated pig who is not afraid to speak out in a confrontation. Among the 5 elemental pigs, fire pigs has the most fight naturally built into them.

A drawback is that their blunt and candid words can often have consequences that has not been thought over.

Learning to manage one’s emotions will be a lifelong challenge.

Earth pig (1959, 2019)

The earth pig is prudent and pragmatic. He is the type that draws on common sense rather than impulsive buys. Contented with a simple life, he has a high devotion for family. But can sometimes spend too much money on desires.

Meticulous planning is a life theme.

A careful and suspicious nature makes one a very difficult person to win over. But once you get over that threshold of trust, you can expect absolute loyalty.

Metal pig (1971)

The metal pig can be ambitious with a high determination to succeed. This can even mean personal and professional sacrifices in order to attain their life goals.

He also tend to be more outspoken and sociable than others born under this sign. A moody nature can sometimes cause him to go into periods of solitude for self-reflection.

Metal pigs need to surround themselves with sincere friends to avoid catastrophe.

Water pig (1983)

The water pig is creative and would build his life around freedom. He is sensitive and can get upset over the most innocent criticism.

Such individuals prefer avoidance rather than confrontation when dealing with problems.

He is however eloquent and able to express himself properly. Loves to indulge himself.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

The pig year is generally one of self-reflection and being thankful.

The pig will go through a roller coaster in the years of other zodiacs.

Pig in rat year

While the pig and rat are friends, the latter will not favor the inert nature of the former.

So even though the pig will not suffer a bad year, it will not be a resounding success as well.

The year might present a wider scope of tasks given to the pig at work.

The best periods would be the period from late summer to early-to-mid autumn.

Pig in ox year

The pig runs into the ox which is also known for hard work.

Hard work will pay off big time this year. And if the benefits are not reaped this year, one will be laying the seeds for a windfall in future.

Pigs should be mindful not to over-indulge themselves are have their eyes off the ball.

Confrontational competition will not end well. So if you need to compete, it’s best to do it stealthily.

Traveling during the summer month can turn out to be bad trips that you’d never want to talk about again.

Pig in tiger year

No matter the horoscope, most people will be run ragged by the tiger year.

But as the pig have little desire for power, one would find himself standing still in a moving crowd. Watching everything happen around him as if in slow motion.

This might give him valuable insight which others could find invaluable.

Hidden dangers are everywhere. Especially with people you don’t know well.

One might meet a suitable marriage partner if he or she is still single.

Pig in rabbit year

It will be a good financial year as the pig quietly goes about his business of accumulating wealth. If you approach this in a high profile manner, it would attract scammers and con-men.

It would be good to make the most of this year and spend some time planning for the future and keeping the purse strings tight.

Influence among peers could increase.

Pig in dragon year

The pig will have a smooth year when others around him face adversity in the face of the dragon. Don’t feel guilty as life is never fair.

Great opportunities in areas outside your expertise can arise. Take care in evaluating them before proceeding.

However, investment speculation will most probably turn out to be disasters.

The middle of the year could be the worst period in terms of general bad luck.

Pig in snake year

A year of uncertainty and mixed fortunes. So much so that even promises made by others with words or with writing can turn on it’s head.

It can occur at work, at home, and also romance.

Be cautious, but don’t be consumed by it.

Relationships would be tested by conflicts. Potential accidents and sickness throughout the year.

Pig in horse year

A quiet year as the pig finds time to relax and self-indulge.

But that’s how the pig likes it. Simplicity and stability.

Don’t take things for granted and keep an eye on the ball.

The season of spring would bestow good luck to the pig. But backstabbers can be waiting for a good time to strike.

Pig in goat year

While it would be generally a good year, it’s not one with homerun success.

Workers can look forward to promotions opportunities, and business people might see considerable growth.

On the relationship side, one would learn to appreciate others for who they are. Beware of third parties.

Pig in monkey year

The monkey year is never one to favor those that are not quick-witted.

The gullible pig will be in for a roller-coaster year as just when everything seems to be falling into bottomless pit, it turns around dramatically.

Remember that even if you can’t hold onto your possessions, you can still hold onto your dignity.

The second half of the year should generally see much better luck enjoyed by the pig.

Be cautious with physical activities as accidents are in the making.

Pig in rooster year

It would be a year when the pig matures in thinking. Especially in the financial aspect.

There would be more clarity in what constitutes value.

Money will not run dry. But you will not see much of it either due to excessive spending.

Self-restraint will be harnessed as the pig learns to defy temptation.

Take extra care in managing politics at work. Envious eyes are trained on you.

Perhaps a year to end emotionally draining relationships.

Pig in dog year

The pig will find that he has become the go-to person for those seeking refuge.

While this might give his ego a boost, be wary of spending too much unproductive time on these affairs.

There are better ways to spend your invaluable time.

Being a good year for wealth generation, focus on activities that boost your income.

Pig in pig year

A very good year for the pig with opportunities aplenty. But not in the area of gambling.

Get ready to meet people who share the same values and you. This can happen both professionally, socially, and romantically.

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It would also be a good time to start a family. Those who are already married should keep a watchful eye on your spouse for signs of infidelity.

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