Why The Pine Tree Symbolizes Strength From Within

Pine trees are often depicted in feng shui paintings of scenery and abstract art.

And they command a place in these artwork for good reason.

With a reputation of being the “elder of the forests” and the “grandfather of the woods”, it is an imposing symbol of longevity via inner strength.

While other flowers and plants succumb to the harsh cold of winter, pine trees continue to hold strong and have even been documented to thrive.

With creditable medicinal properties in traditional chinese medicine, the tree only beefs up it’s reputation for good health, youthfulness, and strength from within.

Legend of pine trees

To have the endorsement of a historically revered figure such as Confucius, it is no wonder the authority of the pine tree is just as embedded in the minds of people today as it was in the past.

The great sage mentioned the pine tree numerous times in various works in Chinese literature and poetry. And so has various accomplished scholars.

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All these usually referenced the ability of the pine tree to persevere and survive as if that’s it’s life purpose.

Then there’s the legend of a particular pine tree located in Mount Tai was supposedly bestowed the fifth rank by the infamous Qin emperor, Qin Shihuang. The story goes like this.

The emperor and his entourage was on the way up the mountain to make offerings to heaven. On the way, they destroyed a lot of plants to clear the way up. This offended the mountain god and a thunderstorm was called to punish the offenders. The resulting flash flood swept everything away but the emperor managed to cling onto a sturdy pine tree which saved his life. He then gave the plant the rank and together with it, the title of the fifth rank pine.

A mythological story also tell of how a girl covered with body hair was found living in the mountains during a period in the Han dynasty. She claimed to have lived for over 300 years since the Qing era. Surviving on pine and cypress leaves, stems and fruits.

Together with the bamboo and plum, the 3 plants are collectively known as the three friends that survived the cold winter (岁寒三友).

This is a reference to strong friendships that stays together while persevering through challenging times.

Pine trees in the garden

When there are pines trees in the home garden, it is a very powerful enhancer for health luck and longevity.

Once they have made home at your premises, it is considered bad luck to have them uprooted and removed.

This means that if you are buying a new house and have pine trees in the home garden, removing them would be a bad move that is comparable to the failure to appreciate the gift of life.

Moving them to another area of the yard is fine.

If you must have it removed, have the home seller or previous owner take it with them.  This signifies the tree going back to it’s previous owner and have no ties with you.

Having them wilt and die on your property is considered a very bad omen. It might also mean a change in the period chart that resulted from renovations have made that particular sector of the property a place that accumulates negative energy.

The presence of a single pine tree represents longevity and inner strength. The presence of two would add the life aspect of a happy and blissful marriage.

Saying that, in feng shui practice, a pine tree duo is not often recommended by practitioners when homeowners seek a harmonious marriage. This is not because it’s not potent, but because there are more powerful symbols that can do the same such as the Mandarin love ducks.

Pine trees should be left to focus on their main job which is to bring good health in longevity.

Squirrels are sometimes meant to serve as substitutes of pine in symbolic artwork. This is because the word for squirrel (松) is the same as the word for this tree.

Pine trees in the house

Growing and maintaining trees at home can be a tedious commitment to take on.

Moreover, a lot of people live in apartments these days. And they don’t even have the choice of growing them unless they do it with bonsai.

For these reasons, the most common way for feng shui enthusiasts to keep pine trees at home to harvest it’s powers of longevity do it with paintings and artwork designed on objects.

In general, paintings of plants and flowers make for great decoration artifacts to beautify the home interiors.

However, different types of plants come with different connotations and symbolism.

Pine trees are meant to bring inner strength and longevity. Thus, they are often included in scenery art of mountains and rivers.

They are also depicted as centerpieces from time to time.

But if you are considering getting pictures of pine trees, why not consider the 3 friends of winter which carries even more meanings of life aspects.

When the pine tree is the focal point of artwork, they are often accompanied by cranes and cypress trees. As they are also symbols of longevity, these arrangements only serve to boost the strength of symbolism.

When there are a couple of cranes or storks, it conveys the message of a loving couple growing old gracefully together.

When paired with cypress or cedar, it also represents longevity. The same can be said when the pine is depicted to have a domineering presence over a rock or boulder. The latter is a reference to the longevity stone. This is meant to double-down on the symbolism of longevity. Similarly when in partnership with deers or chrysanthemum.

When bindweed is depicted with pines, especially when it is winding up the tree, it means a long and bonding relationship in marriage.

3 goats under the tree is a representation of the welcoming spring season.

An eagle perched on a pine tree branch is a reminder that principles is what makes a man. And that a great man does not necessarily has to have served in the military.

Designed with narcissus, it signifies a longing for youth in old age.

Amber which is a product of this tree is believed to carry the same, or most of the same symbolism.

As the underlying element of trees is wood, it goes without saying that the best areas for placement of pine tree paintings is the east and southeast.

They can also be placed at the north as an alternative directional area.

Because the placement and display of pine trees is for good health, paintings of them can also be placed where there is the presence of a favorable mountain star according to flying star feng shui.

For this method, you need to map out the birth chart of the house.

Otherwise, applying 8 mansions feng shui, they can also be placed where the Yien Nien sector of the house is.

The display of pine trees is not limited to paintings.

Porcelain ware such as vases, kitchen ware often have designs with these trees. Floor and wall tiles can also sometimes include such designs.

With that said, the most popular way for pine trees to make their way into a house is still via paintings hung on the walls of the living room.

Particularly on the wall behind and above the TV set or behind sofas to act as support.

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