This is a less extensive feng shui assessment of a property to identify the key favorable and unfavorable feng shui issues present at a property. Take note that this is not a full feng shui analysis of the interiors of the property.

This service is suitable for those looking for property, deciding whether to buy a property, or have a selection of properties under consideration to choose from.

The consultation report will include the details like:

  • What feng shui problems are present
  • How to resolve the problems should the property be purchased
  • Whether the house would be unsuitable for certain residents
  • A personal opinion on whether it would be a good purchase in terms of feng shui
  • etc

Communication is by email only.

The pricing for this service is a flat rate of $288 per property unit. (e.g. please make purchase for 3 properties if you have 3 units to choose from).

*All prices are quoted in USD

Enter your contact email in the order form. Contact will be made via the email address entered.


  • Birth date (and time if possible) of key residents
  • Up-to-scale floor plan (with or without furniture) indicating the North-South axis
  • Pictures and videos of exterior and interior (if available)
  • Address, if you don’t mind (so that the surroundings can be viewed on googlemaps)
  • Projected move-in date should the purchase be made
  • Would it be your place of residence or an investment property?
  • Any additional information that you feel can be relevant to the assessment