A Prospects Star Brings A Wealth Of Opportunities

Some people just never run out of ideas and back doors.

Whenever you think that they are trapped in a corner and cannot get out, they pull a rabbit out of the hat and turn the situation around. It can seem like the options available to them, whether at work or at home, just never seems to run dry.

People who find life that is kind to them in this way tend to have a prospect star (十干禄) in their bazi.

But this special star is not only limited to these characteristics.

Sometimes known as the prosperity star, those who have it in their 4 pillars also tend to be strong-willed, competitive, and filled with an insatiable appetite to succeed.

Identifying the prospects star

To determine what character represents an individual’s prospect star, take reference from the self-element (day master) and look at the following table.

Day stem (self-element
Prospects Star
H1 E3
H2 E4
H3 E6
H4 E7
H5 E6
H6 E7
H7 E9
H8 E10
H9 E12
H10 E1

Legend of symbols can be found here.

It must be noted that there is no identifiable pattern to how this symbolic star is determined as it don’t appear to follow a cycle with the heavenly stems.

For example, there are two E6s and two E7s that seem to pop out from nowhere. There is also no E2, E5, E8 and E11 in the table with regards to this star.

Because of this, there is a lower probability to someone having this star in their 4 pillars compared to other like the death star or flower of romance.

Dynamics of death star interaction with bazi

This is a symbolic star that carries the most positive life aspects when present as a favorable element in someone with aSomet weak self element.

When this configuration takes shape, and since it is a favorable character, one can become a standout success as long as he or she possess the courage and determination to go after it.

Family, friends and colleagues would also often step up to play a role in helping this person achieve their objectives. This is why they never run out of options and always have various backup plans.

However, all is not always fine and dandy with bazi analysis.

Because when this star encounters a direct clash with another character in close proximity, it can be come an unusable star.

Sort of like watching pastry chefs making desserts on the opposite side of a glass window. You can see it and might even be able to smell it. But you won’t be able to eat it.

In addition, when there is an overwhelming presence of the star of prospects (one can have as much as 4), it can indicate someone who would stop at nothing to create opportunities for himself. Possibly even via illegal, immoral and unethical means.

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Something to note is that the prospects star is closely related to the friendly deity in the 10 gods of bazi. This is represented by the same exact character of a daymaster.

So in bazi readings, this can be taken into account when making deeper destiny analysis.

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