The Quail Bird In Chinese Culture And Symbolism

The quail bird is a small sized bird that is best known today for the quail eggs commonly found in supermarkets.

But in ancient times, quail-fighting was just as popular as cock-fighting in a form of leisure entertainment.

It earned a huge reputation as a feisty bird as two male quails would start fighting the moment they are put together. And the blows they dish out are meant to inflict serious damage on the opponent.

For this reason, the quail shares the same characteristics as the rooster in Chinese culture for being courageous.

The quail is considered a yang bird and also linked to the fire element.

Folklore tells about how the quail would sing enchanting tunes all summer long, transform into a mouse as winter arrives, and reverts to it’s original feathered form in spring.

The revered Book of Odes also specifically mentions the quail together with magpies in a metaphoric was to convey deep meanings under a calm facade.

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In some circles, it is believed that the red bird of the 4 celestial creatures in landform feng shui is actually part-quail.

While this bird is not popular for paintings and display items, when incorporated into oriental decorations, they usually come in the form of a painting consisting of 9 quails with the chrysanthemum plant.

This is a symbolism representing harmonious living for 9 generations.

When depicted with millet, it symbolizes longevity.

One reason for the lack of popularity in this bird species for home design is that there are various other more popular animals and objects that convey somewhat similar wishes.

In addition, some people find it’s patchy appearance resembling that of poverty.

When quails appear in your dream, it is a good omen of things to come. However, if the quail is dead, then bad luck is on the way. Especially in terms of health.

If you dream of harming a quail, it means that your friends might find certain things you do offensive.

Dreams of eating them, which is not uncommon, is a sign of luxury on the horizon.

The quail is also found as an emblem on one of high ranked insignia of the Manchu era.

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