Rabbit Zodiac (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023)

Together with dogs and cats, rabbits are one of the most common animals people keep as domestic pets at home.

However unlike dogs and cats that are revered predators themselves, it seems that rabbits are always portrayed as an animal of prey almost 100% of the time.

Just think about the documentaries about predators like eagles, foxes, and cougars. It always seem to feature a segment where they are hunting rabbits.

And there never seem to be any footage about rabbits hunting for prey… partly due to them being vegan.

Does this perceived victim image carry over to those born in the rabbit year?

It was said that the rabbit and the ox agreed to go to the zodiac race together after the crow of the rooster at dawn. But when the first crow arrives, the ox realized upon waking up that the rabbit had already left. Think that the rabbit must have reach heaven already, the ox casually went on it’s way without any urgency. But the rabbit had repeated the mistake it made in the race with the turtle. It took a nap and allowed the ox to overtake it. When the rabbit finished the race, it found out that even the tiger had gone past it. But it was still able to secure a place among the zodiac signs.

In Chinese legend, the rabbit, or hare, is best known for being a resident on the moon. Ever so busy yielding pestle and mortar to make ingredients needed to harvest the elixir of immortality.

Thereby being symbolic with longevity.

Sometimes known as the jade hare, the animal has a very interesting aspect as in Chinese legends, all rabbits are depicted as female.

The rabbit hours are from 0500 to 0700. It is connected to the DaZhuang (大壯) hexagram, and the Chen trigram.

It is represented by the fourth earthly branch Mao (卯) and can take on the meaning of prosper or revelation.

The element is yin wood (陰木) which is strongest during the middle period of spring in the month March to April.

Body parts it can refer to include liver and large intestines.

It is associated with the east direction at between 82.5° – 97.5°.

It is the fourth in the sequence of 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with wood element, and related to spring season and the month of March.


Cautious, sensitive, tactful, polished, thoughtful.


Accommodative, condescending, judgmental, snobbish, fussy.


The rabbit is intelligent and often find himself having no one to talk to as others just cannot hold a conversation that interest him.

This can sometimes be perceived by others as arrogance.

However more often than not, they are just too occupied with their thoughts to interact with others.

This can also create an air of mystery about them that people just cannot figure out.

They are seldom drama seekers. But when put on the spot, they are not afraid to defend themselves even if it creates a scene.

They are mostly compassionate and modest with themselves, but can often get too stuck in their comfort zones.

Love life

Because of an intelligent aura, the hare will always be respected by others. But whether they are respected in a revered manner or an annoying manner depends on how the beholder perceives it.

Those born in the year of the rabbit tend to be totally concealed by their facades. And only reveal their true self to partners only after getting into a relationship.

So one will only know if a rabbit is a suitable romantic partner after being with him or her.
This can often lead to incompatibility and wasted time.

It is best to avoid fully hiding behind a personality that doesn’t match with your core values when dating.

When threatened with losing a partner, rabbits can cause chaos due to an inner insecurity.

Relationship with others

Compatible romantic partners are Goat, Pig and Dog.

Compatible friends include Snake, Ox, Horse, Tiger and other rabbits.

Incompatible zodiacs are Dragon, Rat and Rooster.

More about the intricate relationships between zodiacs can be found here.


The rabbit excels in job types that require creativity. They also do better at jobs that are flexible.

They would inevitably find desk-bound jobs too mundane to offer any fulfillment.

Because a lot of occupations are enclosed in an office 9 hours a day, rabbits tend to hop from job to job until they find one that offers them enough freedom to manage things at their own pace.

However they might truly excel in legal related fields.


The best years for the Rabbit zodiac to get married are said to be the years of the Goat, Dog and Pig.

The most auspicious months are believed to be the sixth, ninth and tenth months. The best days are the 9th day of the 9th month, and the 2nd day of the 10th month.

The 8th day of the 8th month shouldn’t be scheduled for festivities.

5 Elemental Rabbits

While there are certain traits that can be attached to a person with the hare zodiac, most people are not aware that there are actually 5 types of each zodiac differentiated by the 5 elements.

This can help us get more specific with horoscope readings.

Wood rabbit (1975)

The wood rabbit is modest and prefers the old-fashioned way of doing things.

They are compassionate and might find it a pleasure to commit personal time for charitable means. However, they don’t do these to be recognized for their humility and would not mind working behind the scenes to help the less fortunate.

Wood rabbits love to travel… even if they claim not to.

Exuding a calm persona most of the time, they can actually be nervous underneath it all.

Fire rabbit (1927, 1987)

The fire rabbit in astrology can be temperamental especially in a creative capacity.

They can display eccentric behavior whether under stress or not. However, they tend to be fun loving which can make them one of the popular ones in social groups.

With a strong belief in self-expression, fire rabbits often exhibit behavior that borders on rashness and boldness. This is a personality trait that many can spend a lifetime balancing.

Earth rabbit (1939, 1999)

The earth rabbit is a logical one and often becomes the person to bring pragmatism into any discussions. They are not overly ambitious but can often find success as the quieter partner in business partnerships.

As they are meticulous with money, you can often find them being the richest in a social group even though they don’t draw the highest salaries.

However, a tendency to think too much can result in missed opportunities that simply don’t afford the luxury of time. Taking more risk might be the best move one can make to move ahead in life more quickly.

Metal rabbit (1951, 2011)

The metal rabbit is openly sincere and passionate. This often makes him an “authentic” friend among peers.

They also tend to be resourceful and informative, but sometimes they only contribute what they know instead of what they have.

Their conviction can often be mistaken as stubbornness.

One big character aspect that one might want to grow is the ability to forgive and forget. Holding onto the past would always be a drag on one intending to move forward.

Water rabbit (1963, 2023)

The water rabbit is sensitive and can change from happy to moody in a blink of an eye.

While he/she is ambitious, his/her goal is usually to be the best in his/her capacity and have no thirst for higher level positions unless trusted to him/him.

Nurturing self-confidence is the most critical element to attaining his/her full potential in every area covering work and at home.

An avid traveler.

Fortune during Chinese zodiac years

The year of the hare tend to be a positive upturn for most as it arrives right after the unpredictable year of the fiery tiger.

While fortune depends from person to person, this is generally a better year compared to the year before and therefore a welcomed relief.

Rabbit in rat year

This can be a year filled with adversity, and challenges will be the result of bad decisions made by the rabbit during the year.

Beware of traps laid by competitors and enemies, and seemingly helpful referrals made by friends.

One needs to be extra vigilant to survive this year unscathed.

Rabbit in ox year

Another challenging year for the rabbit as mistakes made in previous years start to become apparent.

The hardest and harshest life lessons might occur this year.

If adverse situations cannot be reversed or resolved, the best thing the rabbit can do is to learn from experience and allow the lessons to guide him better in the years ahead.

Rabbit in tiger year

While most people find the tiger year turbulent, the rabbit fortunately shares an affinity with the tiger.

The hare might find helpful friends and mentors to help him move up in life and career.

As others succumb to the raging tiger, the rabbit will be the one who profits from them.

Rabbit in rabbit year

The turn of the year will give the rabbit increased optimism as the immediate future looks very bright indeed.

It would be a good time to plan ahead in terms of finances.

But because of the gullible nature of the rabbit, always be cautious with investments as people often see you as an easy target.

Rabbit in dragon year

Many other zodiac signs will suffer this year due to the overwhelming presence of the celestial dragon.

But rabbits will not be bearing the brunt of the celestial force, so it is best to lay low to conserve and preserve while everyone else around you are getting ruffled.

Just don’t boast about your status.

Rabbit in snake year

The snake year is a year of personal improvement.

Learning new skills or attaining new qualifications will the theme of the year.

It will also be a year of confrontations with family, friends, or colleagues.

Rabbit in horse year

A lot of common life issues will crop up this year and the rabbit should be able to overcome them all unless arrogance gets the better of him.

However, be wary about getting involved in the personal problems of others.

Solving your own problems is one thing. Solving the problems belonging to others is a whole different matter.

Rabbit in goat year

While this is generally a year of good fortune, the rabbit might feel a little lonely and misunderstood.

This will serve as a source of motivation to reach and make new friends as well as finding new romance.

Rabbit in monkey year

In the Monkey year, the rabbit might find that things around him are moving and changing so fast that he fears being left behind.

People who he can depend upon start to break promises. A frustrating time ahead.

It is best to keep a distance from bad company and those you cannot trust 100%.

Rabbit in rooster year

Financial turmoil is on the clock.

Spontaneous and emergency situations might arise and require considerable cash to alleviate.

Don’t make investment decisions unless there is certainty of profits.

Rabbit in dog year

With the chaos of previous years, things will start to settle down in this period.

However with the past in mind, the rabbit would be too cautious to make any big moves in career and investments.

The problem is in year head.

One needs to start trusting himself again to get back on his feet.

Rabbit in pig year

Things start looking up again as finances start to stabilize.

Romance luck is in the air as the rabbit puts work aside to spend more time on himself.

It would be a good time to do more traveling and see the various cultures in the world to learn from.

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