What Incense Smoke Patterns Mean In Divination

The burning of incense is so common in rituals, religious practices and space cleansing for centuries.

During ancient times when science and metaphysics was studied and research in the same context, smoke patterns arising from fire and the burning of incense was believed to be a method of how the energy of the cosmos was communicating with civilization.

This art of divination is known as libanomancy. It is also sometimes called livanomancy or knissomancy, etc. The umbrella term for general smoke divination is capnomancy. But these different terms are describing different forms of divination methods that differ in little details.

However, they are very much in the same category that is smoke divination.

With incense burning being more popular these days, especially with spirituality and meditation rooms becoming more common, it would be useful for incense lovers to know that they can seek divination with the incense sticks and cones that they cannot stop buying.

The basic way of divining with incense products is to settle down, clear your thought, get into a kneeling or meditation posture, state your name and address,  ask your question, light up the incense, and observe the smoke pattern that forms right before your eyes.

You will then have to read and interpret what is the meaning behind the smokey answer.

It should go without saying that the surrounding environment environment can play a huge role in influencing what happens to the smoke.

For example, if the north wind is blowing and you are facing north, the incense is probably going to come towards you in your face.

So the preferred space is to do it indoors or when the wind is still.

Incense smoke pattern meanings

Smoke goes right means overcoming problems and adversaries with your own ability.

Smoke goes left means obstacles and enemies will prevail. Even if help is at hand.

Smoke moves directly straight away from you means success that can appear divine or miraculous.

Smoke moves towards your crouch area signify that you cannot win unless you get help.

When the flame on the incense burns abruptly with intense smoke, it means that you are going to smash through obstacles and claim victory.

When the flame appears to snuff itself out but later burns abruptly with intense smoke, it means that you will not be able to navigate around your problems. You might actually get smashed by your nemesis.

Smoke moves evenly in all directions tell of a situation with no progress or regress. A draw or a deadlock is on the horizon.

When the incense smoke generated appears to be clustered, it carries the meaning of success in all areas of life.

When the smoke scatters and dissipate, it symbolizes downfall, failure and disaster.

If the smoke rises and splits into 2 distinct lines like the letter Y, it means that there will be no obvious benefits from your decisions. Pros and cons of each choice will even out and balance out against each other.

If the smoke rises smoothly and clusters at the top, it is a bad omen that means great adversity.

If a smoke ring appears, it means that you will attain your goals in a way you didn’t expect.

When it spirals upwards, it will mean your actions will either result in a grand success or an epic failure.

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