Red Bat

The bat is often seen in a negative light due to it’s nocturnal nature, regular appearance during Halloween and vampire movies made in Hollywood.

But in feng shui, the bat is actually a symbol of good fortune.

Part of the reason is that the bat is written as 蝙蝠 in Chinese and pronounced as bian fu. And fu is a hynomyn of the word 福 which means good fortune and happiness.

And because the bat hangs upside down when resting and sleeping, it played a part in the Chinese custom of displaying the word 福 upside down. This is Fu Dao (福倒 or 蝠倒) which is a pun and sounds the same as Fu Dao (福到) and means the arrival of happiness and blessings.

Because of this, bats were commonly used centuries ago in Chinese festivities like weddings and celebrations.

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As red is the color of prosperity, the bats used for decorations were always painted cinnabar red.

Thus, the red bat of good fortune took flight.

So deep is the believe that red bats brought auspicious luck that during the dynasty of Manchu emperors, bat was almost as popular as the revered dragon as emblems embroidered on royal imperial robes and clothing.

When displayed together with the dragon and crane for longevity, it represents a long life of of prosperity and happiness.

A pair of them depicted facing each other can carry the meaning of double happiness.

And a bat with a Chinese coin represents the common saying that happiness is right before your eyes.

In other metaphysical studies, bats are generally regarded as a carrier of meaning.

Zhong Kui who is a Chinese Ghostbuster is sometimes accompanied by a red bat which has the ability to identify demons and evil spirits.

There also an odd story of the bat with the chi lin which is mentioned here.

Five red bats

Red bats are often drawn in a group of 5, representing the 5 blessings bestowed by heaven:

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Longevity
  4. Love of virtue
  5. Natural death

Five red bats are also believed to be a strong yang symbol of prosperity.

And let’s not forget that there are also 5 elements that rule earth.

One popular way of depicting the red bats into design is having them emerge from a vase or jar. This don’t just symbolizes good fortune and bliss, it also represents a peaceful life with little setbacks.

They are often drawn onto ceramic kitchen ware and oil paintings for home decor and can also come in pairs.

Another imagery of feng shui bats that some might have come across is a design that incorporates 5 bats, 5 swastika and a longevity symbol.

The bats and swastika circle around the longevity emblem as if they are giving power to it.

This arrangement symbolizes wealth and joy in a long life.

Red bats placement

Because red bats are auspicious symbols of good luck in general, they can be used as decorative enhancements to a house almost anywhere indoors.

Placing them outdoors can potentially put them in harms way, and inadvertently encourage them to take the lucky energy elsewhere as they are not welcomed in the house.

Common areas like the living room or kitchen would be good so that the positive energy these little animals bring can rub off on every member in the household.

Because you don’t want the bats to feel threatened, it is generally not a good idea to have them displayed in areas where you keep other birds as pets. Seeing a cage can cause them to fear for their freedom.

Real bats

When real actual bats seek refuge at your residence, it is one of the best omens of money luck coming your way.

So do refrain from chasing them away unless it is absolutely necessary.

You don’t need to treat them to a feast everyday so as to prove your worthiness of the luck they bring. Just letting them be would be sufficient as opposed to treating them like pest.

Since they have visited your house, you must have already be deemed worthy. But chasing them away would surely change their thoughts about you.

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