The Red Bird Is A Star Of Attractiveness

While the flower of romance in bazi is associated with healthy romance, and the peach blossom is linked to charm, there is also the red bird (紅鸞) that is related to physical attractiveness.

紅鸞 is pronounced hong luan. The luan is a mystical type of bird that was mentioned in folklore. It has a resemblance to the phoenix, rooster, and peacock, but should not be mistaken as any one of them.

This is why sometimes hong luan is referred to in English as the red phoenix by some bazi experts.

While this symbolic star is generally mentioned with reference to attractiveness, it is also strongly linked to financial stability and joyous occasions. Therefore the red bird star is generally a favorable star.

To find your red bird, reference is taken from the year branch. And follow the table below.

Year Branch
Red Bird
E1 E4
E2 E3
E3 E2
E4 E1
E5 E12
E6 E11
E7 E10
E8 E9
E9 E8
E10 E7
E11 E6
E12 E5

Legend of symbols can be found here.

For example, if you are born in the year of the ox, then your red bird is tiger.

When this star arrives on a year pillar, those who are single can encounter the joy of romance if they are not afflicted. This can often be the one romantic partner who you deem the most beautiful throughout your romantic life.

But whether you end up marrying him or her is another matter altogether. Do not confuse the two.

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