Ren Water

Ren (壬) is the ninth stem of the 10 heavenly stems.

It can be translated to mean task, carry, conception, shin and water.

The elemental nature is yang water (陽水) and embodies and irresistible force that flows powerfully.

Being the first among the two water characters, it’s avatar is the sea, rivers and waterfalls.

They can be extremely dangerous when you don’t give it enough respect, yet are essential to life as we know it.

The celestial animal in land form feng shui associated with rui water is the black tortoise.

It is unquestionably associated with the season of winter. To be more exact, the early phase of winter during November and December.

It can also refer to the late evening of a day.

When ren is mentioned as a phase of life in bazi readings, it refers to the later phase where one has already retired or preparing for retirement.

The trigram it relates to the most is the kan trigram. This is an indication of strength contained in a soft shell.

Kan can also be a symbol of wisdom and trap among others.

In terms of directions, ren water sits on 337.5° – 352.5° on the north sector of a compass.

In TCM, it can refer to body parts such as the ears, bladder, and legs.

Number 1 is it’s number in Chinese numerology.

Ren water self-element

The ren water personality is smart, easy-going, and has an ability to devastate others.

They are very adaptable just like what Bruce Lee said, and cannot seem to stand still.

More often than not, they are extroverts rather than introverts.

Whenever they appear like they are doing nothing, don’t believe that for a moment as their minds are gushing like currents thinking about problems and solutions.

They are also adventurous and wouldn’t chicken out of adventure activities when challenged.

If they can harness the ability to focus, the potential is limitless.

The challenge is whether they would learn to focus instead of moving their minds all over the place all the time… a nature they are born with.

This also means that when they believe in a wrong course, they can be your greatest enemies.

The relation of the elements to Ren Water is as follows:

  • Wood – Intelligence
  • Fire – Wealth
  • Earth – Status
  • Metal – Resources
  • Water – People

We can go into more details by identifying the 10 gods.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Introvert Talent
Yi Extrovert Talent
Bing Indirect Wealth
Ding Direct Wealth
Wu Earned Authority
Ji Given Authority
Geng Indirect Resource
Xin Direct Resource
Ren Friend
Gui Competitor

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Ren water in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Ren Water
Jia Indirect Resource
Yi Direct Resource
Bing Earned Authority
Ding Given Authority
Wu Indirect Wealth
Ji Direct Wealth
Geng Introvert Talent
Xin Extrovert Talent
Ren Friend
Gui Competitor
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