A Robbery Star Can Cause Great Adversity When Unfavorable

The presence of a robbery star (劫煞) in a person’s bazi denote one who is smart, shrewd, and sharp.

3 critical characteristics for leaders to conceptualize strategies and lead followers to victory.

This is why it is sometimes referred to as the war star.

When you encounter someone with this special star in his 4 pillars, be cautious as this is a person who have no qualms in appearing like an idiot just so that you would be off-guard when he lands the killing blow.

Unlike the general star which indicates a person who is capable of leading other in attack, the robbery star indicates a person who is adapt at leading others in defense.

This makes then suitable for careers in the civil service, especially in the military.

Identifying the robbery star

To find the robbery star, reference has to be taken from the earthly branch on the day and year pillars.

Day or Year Branch Robbery Star (Jie Sha)
E1 E6
E2 E3
E3 E12
E4 E9
E5 E6
E6 E3
E7 E12
E8 E9
E9 E6
E10 E3
E11 E12
E12 E9

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

For example, if you have E1 and E2 on your day and year branches, then the robbery star would be represented by E6 and E3 respectively. Should either or both of these characters be found in the bazi, then you have the robbery star.

Alternatively, the zodiac year of a birthday can determine one of these symbolic stars.

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Zodiac Robbery Star
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Snake (E6)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Tiger (E3)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Pig (E12)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Monkey (E9)

Interaction with other characters in bazi

As with all things bazi, the above appealing attributes of the robbery star will only be present when the star is favorable to the self element.

When it becomes insuapicious, by clashing and conflicting with other characters, it can cause extreme bad luck and make one prone to being robbed.

Do be mindful that this is a matter of speech, it could refer to things like being robbed of a job promotion at work, robbed of your dignity in social circles, getting scammed by con-artists, etc.

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