Room Dividers And Partition Screens Feng Shui

Partition screens are some of the most versatile furniture that can be easily used in feng shui to create drastic effects.

They are usually foldable and therefore portable, and way cheaper and less tedious than building actual walls.

Yet it is also one of the most overlooked solutions to very serious feng shui problems.

They can be used to:

  • Block off a passage with a view through the house
  • Seal off views of the toilet
  • Erect a back support for sofa sets
  • Act as room dividers to demarcate rooms and spaces
  • etc

For example, in living room layouts that simply make it impossible to find an ideal location for sofa placement, setting up a screen partition might be the easiest and most straight forward solution to the predicament.

They can also be privacy protectors by covering a view into a bedroom from the living room.

And when the kitchen stove is in full view from the main door, the positioning of a screen dividers can effectively hide the stove from view.

Another example of partition screens serving a feng shui purpose is when using it to block poison arrows from pillars attacking an area like the dining table.

They can even be used to activate favorable mountain stars.

Choosing room dividers and partitions

There are some practical and metaphysical factors to consider when choosing screen dividers.


The first thing to consider is whether you want one that rises from the floor all the way to the ceiling or shorter.

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While there are design aspects to consider, from a feng shui perspective, a screen needs to be at least at a height above the head for it to be considered as a “wall”.

So keep that in mind if that is your purpose for setting one up.

And if you are installing one to seal an air tunnel that run right through the house, one that goes all the way to the top would be more effective than one that is just providing token resistance.

Temporary or permanent

The choice of a room divider would also heavily depend on whether it is going to serve as a temporary or permanent fixture in the house.

The assumption is that when one is going to buy partitions for the house, that it would be a temporary fixture.

However, there are people with their own reasons to construct a permanent screen. This could be due to the ease of installation, budget, or space constraints, etc.

A portable divider screen allows you to move the item about as and when necessary.

This offers a lot of flexibility for the homeowner.

For example, maybe the purpose of the screen was to manage annual flying stars. And the screen would be redundant when a new star arrives in a particular space for the new year.

If portability is a key criteria then remember to account for the weight as it could be a tedious and hazardous affair to move it around.


The design of the space partition will determine it’s balance and sturdiness. This is another critically important factor to consider when purchasing such items.

You don’t want it to fall over with a gentle push or being unable to hold it’s position against the breeze.

Ideally one would be an immovable force against the elements, and would only be moved with the direct involvement of people.


The design has the most feng shui considerations to ponder.

The difference between office dividers and screen dividers used at home is that those made for the office are often dull and boring. Office dividers are out of the question.

The harmony of the 5 elements should be considered when choosing a partition’s design.

The main design aspects that affect this harmony of elements are:

  • Color
  • Design prints
  • Frame design
  • Number of panels

Take for example, this popular panel shoji screen room divider from Amazon.

It has squares on the panel screens indicative of earth, it’s sharp shape created by it’s zig-zag form represents fire, the white color and 6 panels represent metal, while the black frame symbolizes water.

In this case, there is a presence of 4 out of the 5 element of feng shui. The best directional sector of the house to place this particular partition screen is therefore the east or southeast as they are areas with wood energy that completes the cycle of 5 elements.

The below 8-panel screen with plum blossom prints is also gorgeous.

It has very much the same design as the previous space divider except that it has 8 panels instead of 6, and comes with plum blossom prints.

The number 8 gives the fixture a boost of earth energy but retains considerable metal energy from the white background.

However, the presence of plants and flowers add the presence of wood energy, making this partition wall one that encompasses all 5 elements. This can be suitable for any living area of the house.

More comprehensive curtain screens like the one below usually has a solid color and it’s elemental base would in large part, depend on the color.

In this case, this is obviously a barrier of “fire”. It would not be able to achieve harmony with the elements when it is fixed on the north, west and northwest. The exception is if it is positioned in these areas particularly to not just block, but repel, sha chi originating from these directions.

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