How To Select A Room In A New House

For homeowners, the choice of the room is most often decided by default. It is the master bedroom.

For for many others, whether you are sharing a house with other tenants and house mates or choosing rooms against siblings, if the option of selecting a bedroom is still open, then it could be one of the hardest decisions to make… which could have implications for years to come.

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If we don’t talk about the practical side of things like whether the afternoon sun shines directly into the window, it’s proximity to the bathroom, or whether it has a better (or worse) window view, etc, feng shui can actually bring a lot of guidance in choosing the best room for you personally.

If one sleeps in the right room, he or she could attract wealth opportunities, experience relationship luck, and even find helpful people showing up in life.

And if an unsuitable room is chosen, then bad luck can befall the individual for a long time.

Here are some critical things to consider from a feng shui perspective when selecting a room. They are not listed in step-by-step order.

1) Kua number

8 mansions feng shui allows one to discover his or her favorable directions based on a personal number called a kua number.

Once you have worked out your personal kua number, identify your favorable directions and analyze where these directional sectors of the house are located.

It would be advisable to select a room in a directional sector which is a favorable direction.

For example, a male with kua number 9 would have the favorable directions of north, south, east, and southeast. If a particular room in consideration is located in the east section of the house, then it is a good room for that individual.

To go deeper into 8 mansions refinement, find the chart of the house.

This is done by identifying the sitting and facing direction of the house.

For example, if a house is sitting north facing south, then it is a Kan house and the below chart applies.

As the east is the Tien Yi (TY) sector, it is also a favorable segment of the house. Therefore, a bedroom in the east would be an ideal space to select for a person with kua #9.

2) Mountain stars and water stars

Flying star feng shui enables us to quickly identify spaces that are ideal for occupying as bedrooms.

The mountain star and water star garners all the attention in flying star feng shui.

These two stars in each home sector can be identified by erecting the natal chart of the house.

To generate the natal chart (birth chart), the facing direction and completion of construction date has to be determined. These requires judgment from an experienced feng shui practitioner.

However, how to judge is not the topic of this discussion. You can find information on judging on other pages of this website.

Assuming you have measured a facing of South 2 (S2) and last major renovation date of 2014, then it would have the birth chart belonging to the period of 8 as below:

As we can observe, the 6-1 star combination at the east is generally favorable. So a bed room at the east which 8 mansions has previously identified would be a good room to select.

However, without considering the other living spaces of the house, we can also see that the best room would be one located in the north as it has an 8-8 star combination.

Considering that from the previous example that the north sector is the Fu Wei (FW) sector, a room at the north would also be a good selection.

So someone who is choosing a room could go with both a room at the east or one at the north.

The east would be best according to 8 mansions while it is not undesirable in flying stars. And the north would be best according to flying stars and it is not one to avoid in 8 mansions.

Which one to go with would then be up to the individual in giving precedence to flying stars or 8 mansions. Either that, or it would depend on personal preferences.

And if by some stroke of luck, there is a room at the north and east to choose from, then we need to look at interior forms.

Keep in mind that it was previously mentioned that these steps are not in order.

One could very well look at interior forms first before deciphering flying stars and/or 8 mansions.

3) Bed position

If it is possible, take a look at the floor plan layout of the house before even stepping foot into the new house.

The first thing that should be scrutinized is how the rooms’ configuration affects the placement of the bed, and how it adheres or runs afoul of the rules of bed placement.

To keep it short, a resident should take note of:

  • Position of windows
  • Position of air-conditioner unit
  • Door alignments
  • etc

While most rooms would allow for the placement of a bed to adhere to feng shui interior form rules, there are also a lot of rooms that simply will not allow full conformance.

For example, to avoid placing the bed in front of the door, the only option might position the window at the bedhead. Or maybe the position of the air-conditioning unit is so badly planned that it is above the bed head of the obvious bed position.

So in this step, you need to identify the bed placement options available in all the rooms within your choices.

And shortlist the ones that enables total compliance to bed placement feng shui rules.

4) Check for internal sha chi

Floor plans like what was mentioned earlier don’t show the real physical conditions of a living space. This is why this step can only be conducted onsite.

Because the bedroom, specifically the bed is where we spend a third of the days in, sha chi or poison arrows that are directed at the bed can be detrimental on the inhabitant’s luck and health.

On top of that, consider that we are in a vulnerable state when sleeping. This makes us even more exposed to the adverse effects of negative energy targeted towards the bed.

Some of the common sources of sha chi in the bedroom include:

When sha chi is discovered, you should start contemplating how to effectively remedy them.

If there are no effective ways to resolve these feng shui ailments in a bed room you like, then you must seriously consider the other available rooms.

No point having a good window view when you are greeted with a beam overhead every morning when you open your eyes.

5) View from bedroom door

The bedroom door is undoubtedly not as critical as the main door into the house.

But let’s just say that you have gone through the 4 steps above and find that all the rooms available for selection are tied on points.

Then you might want to look at the view from inside the room looking out from the front door.

A good door should not be in front of another door or it can bring conflicts between the two inhabitants. It should also not face the kitchen as that can create events that causes bad temperament. Facing a toilet is also not ideal for obvious reasons.

Is there a beam above the door? Are there pillars cutting right at the door? Does it open up directly into a long dark hallway?

6) Window view

While a window view is usually preferred, not all views are made equal.

I hesitated to list this here as we are often powerless in deciding what type or view is outside the window. The most that we can do is to decide whether to cover the windows with full curtains, partially block the view, or leave it open.

And this is mostly determined by whether there is considerable sha chi from the external environment strong enough to effect the feng shui of the house.

Determining the potency of external sha chi is also very much down to judgment.

But what you can safely deem as bad sources of negative energy are power lines in close proximity, water tanks, expressways overhead, etc.

Selecting the right room

Room selection can have a material impact on a person’s luck and well-being.

So it should not be an activity that people who practice feng shui take lightly.

Even if you are not someone who is fixated on accumulating wealth, would you have peace of mind sleeping in a room with a hostile sickness star?

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