Rooster Zodiac (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

The rooster is traditionally never eaten in China. Poultry consumption was solely restricted to the hen.

This was because the rooster, or cock, is believed to be able to ward off evil.

It is also a symbol of courage, reliability, and male vigor.

The legend was that the rooster king was naughty by nature and was originally excluded from the invitation by the Jade Emperor for a race to determine the animal zodiacs. Feeling down, it asked the horse solemnly why it was invited. The horse replied that it must be because it has served mankind well by contributing to transport and farming. The rooster then decided that it should start waking man up in the morning so that they don’t oversleep. This act became highly appreciated by man and a petition was started to get the rooster a spot in the zodiac race. But Jade Emperor had already decided beforehand that the race would only consist of animal beings with 4 legs.

The rooster was absolutely shattered after learning about this unwritten eligibility criteria. It then went to sleep and it’s soul made it’s way to heaven to make it’s plea to the Jade Emperor. Moved by the roosted and acknowledged that it has indeed contributed to mankind, a red flower was put on the head of the rooster. Upon waking up from it’s sleep, the rooster realized that the red flower was now part of it’s head. The four heavenly kings who were organizing the race event recognized this as the royal flower allowed the rooster to take part in the race.

During the race, the rooster was said to be neck and neck with the dog which had arrive late. But it flapped it’s wings with all it’s might at the finishing line and finished in front of the dog in a breathtaking photo finish. The dog has been feeling sore about this event ever since.

The rooster hours are 1700 to 1900.

It is represented by the earthly branch You (酉) which has an elemental base of yin metal (陰金).

On the compass, it points to a west direction at 262.5° – 277.5°. It is also associated with the Guan () hexagram, and the Tui trigram.

The translated meaning of You is pond, wine, mature.

Regarding the seasons, You symbolizes autumn equinox from the period between September and October.

It can also represent the body parts of kidneys and lungs.

Being the tenth zodiac, it is fundamentally associated with yin metal element, related to the season of autumn and the month of September.


Vigilant, methodical, forthright, generous, intelligent.


Hubris, opinionated, impatient, volatile, narcissistic, strong-headed, critical.


People born in the rooster year love attention, especially to their strong points.

They don’t just admire beauty, but make an effort to groom and be beautiful as well.

It is because of this flamboyant attribute that people often find them as show-offs and boastful. But they are often just a shell hiding a shy personality inside.

Confidence can often be perceived as arrogance.

Independence is a strong characteristic, while they also have a strong sense of duty and sense of humor.

Many will also tend to be candid and sometimes tactless.

Love life

The rooster tend to have a strong sense of charm and would always have suitors around.

While this can sound like they will easily get attached, it can work against him because a wide selection available can mean a development of very high ideals and expectations on a partner.

Despite being popular with members of the opposite sex, they are more than capable of long term commitments.

But they can get jealous very easily.

Relationship with others

Compatible romantic partners are Snake, Dragon, and Ox.

Compatible friends are Horse, Tiger, Goat.

Incompatible zodiacs include Rabbit, Rat and Dog.

More complex relationships between the zodiacs can be found here.


Those born in the rooster year are logical and would only make decisions after thinking about it from every angle.

Because of this, they might not be suitable for fast-paced jobs or those under tight supervision. But would likely thrive when they are able to manage their own time.

Their personality and insightfulness make them suitable for self-employment.

However, they sometimes tend to spend as much as they make. Meaning success is not necessarily a good thing.


Generally, the best years for a Rooster to get married are suggested to be in the years of the Ox, Dragon and snake.

The best month that enjoy the best luck periods tend to be the third, fourth, eighth and twelfth months. With the best days being on the 8th day of the 4th month, and the 3rd day of the 3rd month.

The second day of the 2nd month has a high tendency to be a very bad day.

5 Elemental Rooster

The rooster can be further distinguished by their elements in Chinese astrology.

Wood rooster (1945, 2005)

The wood rooster looks on the bright side of things. They are able to see the positives from the negatives and the lights at the end of the tunnel. They are also ethical and demands the same from the people around them.

Improvisation and a gift of the gab gives them the ability to talk their way out of any types of situations.

This is a horoscope that requires liberty and freedom in life decision. Otherwise, they would not be able to commit to actions.

Fire rooster (1957, 2017)

The fire rooster has a deadly combination of talent, motivation and hard work. He has an independent streak and is destined for great things.

Feng shui for bazi should be looked into to maximize the odds of a runaway success.

A powerful and charismatic charm will win over friends and followers naturally. However, one has to learn not to be guided by the pursuit of others’ approval.

Your gift can make a big difference to the lives of people around you.

Earth rooster (1969)

The earth rooster has an analytical mind and an able manager of money. He or she might not be the best as earning a high income, but would be more than capable of keeping the money safe and accumulating wealth.

Such individuals are often people whose friends are unable to read their real thoughts. This is because their motivations that drive their behavior are often trivial that don’t matter much to others other than themselves.

Emotional insecurity tend to extend deep into adulthood. He needs to resolve this inner weakness to start making big strides in life.

Metal rooster (1981)

The metal rooster speaks well and has a sharp tongue that can cause a lot of damage should he call on it. He is opinionated and will not be scared to voice out even if it means a potential confrontation.

This is one who loves to plan actions so as not to leave things to chance. Even so, a little flexibility can aid personal development.

With a determined nature, he is someone you’d want on your side and an adversary you’d loathe facing.

Water rooster (1933, 1993)

The water rooster is talkative and you would never run out of topics to chat about while in the company of one.

They often have articulate skills of persuasion and would do well in sales and negotiations.

He lights social groups with his love of interaction and gossip. But this also means that it might not be wise to share intimate secret with him.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

The rooster year is associated with innovation, confidence, advancement, and recognition.

Those born in the year of the rooster will see changes in luck depending on the years of other zodiacs.

Rooster in rat year

This can be a misleading year as seemingly good opportunities arise, but are more likely to fail than succeed.

The rooster has to take great care in making financial decisions or face tremendous heartache.

A year to practice restraint rather than being bold.

Rooster in ox year

The rooster would face circumstances that will have logic pulling him one way and emotions the other.

Whatever choice you make, remember that hard work is a prerequisite for success.

Rooster in tiger year

The rooster has to be wary of burnout as this will be a year filled with work and commitments.

Over commitment can mean a second half of the year where one would be dragging himself through.

Rooster in rabbit year

Stick to what works and don’t try to be too clever.

A desire to do something different might be eating at you. But one must keep calm and carry on to avoid catastrophe.

Sometimes staying the same does not mean a lack of progress.

It is at least much better than going backwards.

Rooster in dragon year

The luck of the rooster starts to swing upwards this year.

Not only will things go very well, there is also a high chance for mass recognition.

It is generally a good year to start things.

Start a business, get married, start a new job, etc.

Rooster in snake year

The rooster gets confident as success comes easily. Just be careful not to turn that into arrogance and recklessness.

Get ready to be put into leadership positions either by choice or not.

To make the best of these experiences, learn about yourself and how to be a good assertive leader.

Rooster in horse year

There will be financial bumps on the road this year, but the rooster should be able to overcome them easily to do reasonably well for this period.

Hard work is key to a good year and one should avoid being too relaxed.

Pay attention to your health.

Rooster in goat year

The rooster needs to be mindful of major repercussions for seemingly minor events.

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Should things go wrong, stay calm and explore solutions instead of finding things to blame.

Rooster in monkey year

The meticulous rooster meets the eccentric monkey. It is not going to be a comfortable year for the rooster.

Resisting changes is not going to be productive.

The best way forward is to ride the wave as best as the rooster can.

Rooster in rooster year

A year of stability as the rooster finally finds some refuge in his own year.

While this is generally a good period for roosters, expect circumstances to arise where difficult financial decisions to be made.

Otherwise, it would also be a good year to gain recognition and status.

Rooster in dog year

It will be a year with little surprises.

One might find this period a little mundane to his liking.

Expect people to ask for help and favors for you have something they need.

Rooster in pig year

The pig year will commence with plenty of promise, but might eventually turn out fruitless.

Because of this outlook, the rooster must choose wisely what to get involved in so as not to waste invaluable time.

Fine margins can separate good and bad choices.

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