What Roles Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Play In Feng Shui

If you’ve had no idea what a Himalayan salt lamp is, you might have thought that it’s a strangely constructed table lamp when you see one for the first time.

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Only upon closer inspection would you realize that it is not something as simple as a regular lighting fixture.

In the health and medical industry, the salt lamp is believed to have health benefits such as the absorption of radiation, the production of ions, and a counter to people suffering from flu symptoms.

But science has disputed this as it is yet to verify these claims conclusively.

Let’s leave that discussion to the scientific community.

In recent years, the Himalayan salt lamp has exploded in popularity among feng shui believers and practitioners.

Even interior designers find them as attractive decorative items able to enhance the aesthetics of a house.

Just look at it at night and you might be mesmerized by it’s beauty as it glows in the dark.

So huge is the demand that there are even retail shops that exclusively sell this product.

So the question you might ask is what role can the salty lamp play in feng shui?

Basics of the feng shui salt lamp

Firstly, it is important to understand that there are 3 categories of salt lamps depending on it’s origins.

  1. Sea salt
  2. Well salt
  3. Rock salt

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are rock salt mined from Pakistan, which is understood to be the genuine ones used in feng shui.

Among the rock salt lamps, there are 4 further sub-categories of salt lamps that determines it’s metaphysical strength.

And they are differentiated by it’s color.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Rose pink
  • Blood red

White being the most inexpensive and red being the most invaluable.

The most valuable and potent salt lamps are blood red. It is no wonder that sometimes we can find red salt lamps commanding a price multiple times that of white salt lamps.

The easiest ways to determine if you have purchased a fake salt lamp is observing two characteristics.

  • How fragile is it?
  • Does it sweat?

Remember that these products are made from salt. This means that it’s body consist of these minerals.

Should you drop it and it stays in pristine shape, then these every chance that you’ve bought it from a fraudster.

It might be able to resist some knocks. But a knock-off would be able to take a bashing without having it’s structural integrity compromised because… it’s actually plastic.

If you drop it and it bounces off the floor, then it’s probably not made of salt.

Also know that these types of lamps absorb moisture from the air, retains airborne particles, and releases the water back into the environment via evaporation.

This process would cause droplets of water to collect on the surface.

So if your lamp don’t “sweat”, it’s likely a fake.

Applications of salt lamps in feng shui

Salt lamps can actually play a dual role in feng shui.

They can subdue sha chi (negative energy) by prevention, blocking, and curing.

They can also attract wealth by placing them at wealth locations in the house.

This means that it can be used at home in areas with sha chi that needs addressing.

For example, the placement of a salt lamp on a side table beside the sofa can help protect people sitting on the sofa from being attacked by an exposed pillar on that side.

This is so because the lamp is situated between the poison arrow from the pillar and the sofa itself. It acts like a mountain for support and protection.

This works the same way when there is an exposed pillar pointing at the dining table. The lamp can be used as a counter to the negative energy emitted.

As a feng shui item for wealth, those in rose pink and blood red are suitable as these are the premium lamps that are able to harness wealth luck.

As such, they are suitable as display items to be placed in the wealth locations which homeowners have identified in the house.

This is especially so when wealth corners are located in the southwest and northeast sectors of the house as the salt lamp has an earth energy base just like these directional sections of the house.

You can also find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bigger they are the more potent they are influencing the energy in it’s surroundings.

Some are even carved into exquisite shapes from salt blocks that makes them even more appealing to regular homeowners.

As a final note, be mindful that genuine salt lamps require the light source to retain it’s shape.

Thus, making a salt lamp out of salt blocks actually makes more sense that most people think.

If you switch off the lights, the lamp would start to melt and you would find the table where you placed it wet with salt water.

I have found this out first hand. So trust me on this.

Don’t turn off the lights.

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