The second opinion service helps those who has already engaged a feng shui practitioner obtain a second opinion on the evaluation of the property.

This service requires the client to submit the full report (in soft copy) generated by another feng shui practitioner, we will then go through the facts and recommendations contained in the report and audit the report.

The report will then be sent back to you within 14 days. It will contain information like:

  • Whether recommendations have no basis
  • Where mistakes have been made
  • Alternatives to suggestions in the report
  • Important issues that has not been mentioned in the report
  • etc

When you get the report back, it would look like a math test paper that has been marked by a teacher as all the second opinions are written inside the report itself.

This service is offered at such an affordable price because it takes out the need of tabulating the facts required to conduct a full feng shui audit. Comments and commentary are made on the content contained in your current report.

This also implies that if the facts contained in the report are not accurate, then it will affect the quality of this service as well.

To round things up, what you need to do to engage this feng shui second opinion service is:

  1. Make payment of $88
  2. Submit the full feng shui report of your property generated by another practitioner
  3. Audited report will be sent back to you within 14 days

The maximum number of pages of your report should be no more than 58 pages. No exceptions.

The first page stars from the cover page. You should do any required formatting before submitting it. Request to “ignore” or “skip” pages will not be entertained. It is your responsibility to format your report, not us.

When your report exceeds 58 pages, 1 of 2 things can happen:

  1. We stop auditing the report from page 59 onwards
  2. You need to make another payment of $88 for us to audit the report to page 116

This means that if you already knows your report has 108 pages, do make payment of $136 if you want the whole report to be looked at.