Pricing For Property Based On Built-Up Area


Up to1200sqft


Small houses or apartments. For most HDBs and condos.
Up to2600sqft


Multi-storey apartments and small landed houses.
Up to5800sqft


Multi-storey apartments and landed properties.

Contact will be made with the email address entered on the order page. So please use an email that is active.

Required information for feng shui assessment:

  • Birth date (and time if possible) of up to 6 residents
  • Up-to-scale floor plan (with or without furniture) indicating the North-South axis
  • Address (so that the surroundings can be viewed on googlemaps)
  • Any additional information that you feel can be relevant to the assessment
  • Up to 10 questions you might have regarding the feng shui of the property in question

For property above 5,800sqft, please contact for quote

Micro services like ask a question and second opinion are still open

*All prices are quoted in USD

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