9 Signs Your Home Has Bad Feng Shui

Even though feng shui affects everything around us whether we are aware of it or not, not everyone has to consciously practice feng shui in order to enjoy good luck.

This is usually due to the house they live in:

  • Have good feng shui to begin with
  • Have afflictions that are unknowingly remedied by homeowners
  • Does not have bad feng shui severe enough to impact their lives
  • etc

And sometimes by chance, an intuitive placement of a display object or a shift in the location of furniture can have a drastic effect on the overall fortunes that residents would enjoy.

While these circumstances don’t occur as often as we would like, it does happen more frequently that we think.

Households can often lead a fairly smooth life with little dramatic adverse challenges with no feng shui, let alone good feng shui. However, certain types of events can be a clear sign that the house is under the influence of bad feng shui… especially when you have just recently moved in.

Here are some of them.

1) Quarrels within the family when it used to be harmonious

Family harmony is one of the most valuable life aspects that people treasure. And a lot of people won’t realize how priceless it can be until disharmony hits the household like a train without brakes.

Who wouldn’t like to go home after a tough day at work to a welcoming atmosphere filled with love that melts all the troubles away?

If the family has been harmonious for years and suddenly see a consistent recurrence of arguments and disputes between family members, then it could be possible that you have been badly afflicted by the annual stars. The bullfight sha for example can be a real pain in the butt to experience.

If these problems started after moving into a new house, then it’s most probably because of a problem existing at the sector that governs the relationships and harmony within the household.

2) Overlooked for obvious promotion

The politically correct thing to say is that career progression and promotions are never guaranteed. Nothing is certain until the results are out.

But in reality, especially in corporate capacities, promotions can be often predicted.

Who would be promoted, and when the promotion would happen are usually the worst kept secrets behind closed doors in the office.

Maybe you were “scheduled” to be promoted due to seniority, an unmatched achievement during the work-year, or the position directly above you has been vacated. Even the top guys in the hierarchy seem to signal that your promotion is pretty much settled. Then the announcement from HR comes in informing everyone about the new manager… who is not you.

Stagnation of career progression falls into the same category.

In the feng shui world, this is often attributed to blockages caused by a clash of bazi or kua number with energy patterns.

The worse case scenario is that the new manager happens to be a colleague you know… who is less qualified and experienced than you.

If it is reasonable to believe that you would be at a certain level after a certain amount of work and you are not getting there, then you could be the victim of blockages caused by bad feng shui.

This applies to business owners as well.

3) Sudden critical health problems

If everybody in the family has been in the pink of health for as long as you can remember, and someone sudden suffers from a critical health condition that can be fatal, then it is very possible that your house has been exposed to bad feng shui.

The most possible reasons are that the victim:

  • Is sleeping in an area affected by malicious stars
  • The house has always had an unfavorable but dormant health sector which has recently come alive
  • The health sector of the house has undergone major changes towards the worse
  • Specific energy movements are specifically affecting the victim’s bazi
  • New residents have been introduced into the household that clashes with the victim
  • Something is wrong with the kitchen
  • etc

In any case, don’t depend on a feng shui master to cure the sufferer’s medical problem. That is the job of a Doctor. But the master would be able determine the problem and remedy it to reduce the potential of such events from occurring again, or prevent bad feng shui from making the situation worse.

He/she would also be able to recommend the best areas of the house for recovery.

4) Frequent accidents

A mishap accident can be a one-off affair. But if household members suffer accidents after accidents, especially those that involve bleeding, then it is a clear sign that something is wrong.

And if you have exhausted all practical solutions to prevent these accidents from recurring, but they continue to plague everyone, then the cause of all these bad luck is probably bad feng shui.

Do take action before small accidents become to big to ignore.

When there are feng shui afflictions that are causing these types of distress, a practitioner can usually quickly identify them and set up solutions to resolve them.

5) Frequent illnesses

Some people suffer from common illnesses constantly. Some even find that these annoying symptoms never seem to go away after moving into a new house.

Migraines, colds, muscle aches. You name it.

The clinic has become your playground and no matter what drugs or medication doctors and pharmacists have prescribed, they don’t seem to cure the source of the issue. And the problem keeps coming back.

If these frequent illnesses tend to happen to a specific individual, then it could be a very specific space in the house that has a feng shui problem. But if it is affecting everybody in the household, then it could be a problem with a whole segment of the area that might or might not include the specific space mentioned earlier.

6) Unable to sleep well

When we tire ourselves out during the day, it is only right that we sleep well at night to recharge ourselves unless you are suffering from medical conditions such as insomnia.

When you constantly find that you cannot get to sleep or often sleep for hours on end but don’t feel like you have slept at all, then there could be something wrong with your bedroom or the trigram sector that represents you.

The problem might even be simply solved with good bed placement.

Sleep disorders caused by bad feng shui can usually be quickly resolved. However, a medical condition should never be written off.

7) Home just don’t feel like home

A home is a place where we can let our guards down, relax and recharge. It is your domain and you are basically the king of the house.

So there is definitely something wrong when you find yourself under pressure and stress whenever you are home. You might even feel like an unwelcomed guest in your own house. If this is disturbing you so much that you are avoiding going home just to avoid the tension, then there is a serious problem.

This can be often caused by missing corners in the house where the missing sector is creating a void in the dynamics of the energy within. It could also be that unfavorable stars are active while favorable stars are subdued.

You can try to tidy up the whole house, declutter all common areas and your bedroom and see if your experience at home remains the same.

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If this doesn’t help, then you might have to look into the flyings stars of the house itself to identify problem areas to focus on.

8) Sudden financial catastrophe

If you have always generated a stable income and being out-of-job was something that has never crossed your mind, a sudden loss of job or personal income can be a catastrophic event.

Keep in mind that being retrenched due to a company restructure where thousands are being laid off does not mean that bad luck is focused on you. You are just a victim of the bigger picture.

But if all your colleagues have kept their jobs and you are the only one being let go, then you might be under the attack of negative energy.

This can also occur in investments where you have suddenly experienced a huge loss… maybe even due to being scammed. Bad feng shui would be even more obvious if these events have repeated themselves!

When a totally unexpected financial disaster has brought your personal finances to it’s knees, it might be that your wealth location has been severely compromised in the last 6 months.

It could also be that the annual wealth stars have come under attack from the interior forms present in your house. It’s time to examine them before the negative energy really takes a grip on your life aspects.

Remember that no matter how distressed your financial situation is, you can make a comeback. It’s never over until the fat lady sings.

9) Constantly run into undesirable relationship partners

Attraction can be a weird thing.

Most singles know what type of men or women they would like to get into a relationship with… but usually find themselves being with someone who they know is bad for them.

These might include partners who have no intention to get married, have no interest in getting a job, exhibit consistent aggressive physical behavior, constantly betray your trust, actively flirts with other people as soon as you are not in sight, etc.

An experience with an abusive boyfriend for example, can be just a one-off experience in life. But if you constantly find yourself getting into relationships with abusive men, then it is a sign that something is either wrong with you or with feng shui.

If you have dated a dozen men in the most recent year and none of them are what you personally categorize as “normal” relationship material, maybe all these is not a coincidence after all.

If this bad luck in romance is indeed caused by bad feng shui, it is often due to a problem with the bedroom or the placement of the bed. It could also be a problem with a specific sector of the house where a specific trigram is located.

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