Is The Snake Plant Good Or Bad Feng Shui?

When we see a snake plant, it is easy to realize why it was attributed with such a name.

It’s scientific name is sansevieria trifasciata and has some very fancy nicknames such as mother-in-law’s tongue and viper’s bowstring hemp.

The mandarin name is hu wei lan (虎尾兰) which literally translates to tiger’s tail orchid.

Snake plants are evergreen perennials with a very distinctive look to them. It’s almost almost impossible to have mistaken identity with this one.

They have broad long leaves that rise from the soil, as if without stems. Reaching a significant height, they look like cobras in a stance. Thus, the name.

Good or bad feng shui

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While flowers, trees and plants are good feng shui in general, the one characteristic that often associates a plant with bad feng shui is it’s shape and form.

For example, the cactus is generally not good feng shui due to it’s spikes, though it still does have it’s uses indoors and outdoors.

The snake plant is also a plant that is generally bad energy to have around the house because of it’s form.

The leaves takes on a shape what resembles the fire element. And from a view of the whole plants, they can look like porcupines with hazardous spikes.

They also understandably remind homeowners of snakes, which is associated with the snake sha chi which is a term commonly used to describe the sha chi emitting from exposed wiring and piping.

However, there will always be those who would insist that everything that is bad would always have some good in it. And that a bomb is not hazardous unless it’s in the wrong hands. Or that the color black is not really black as it becomes gray when mixed with white.

Things that you might disagree with but cannot totally reject the arguments mentioned above.

The snake plant after all is wood element and it’s form represents fire element. So their placement in areas that require these elements can boost the home sectors in an elemental sense.

However, why have snake plants at home when there are various alternative feng shui plants that can serve the same purpose… but without the questionable connotations.

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