The Feng Shui Guide To A South Facing House

The methods to feng shui each house can be different even when they all face south. This is due to their differences in layout, floor plan, interiors, landscape, etc.

But the concepts that apply still remain the same.

Here we discuss the feng shui concepts that apply to south facing houses and how to put them into practice for your own house.

The feng shui bagua map

While landscapes and landform feng shui reign supreme for almost every property, the second most impactful concept is the bagua map of life aspects.

This consist of the 8 trigrams taking up the 8 main directions of a house.

The trigrams are namely:

  • Kan (north)
  • Kun (southwest)
  • Chen (east)
  • Sun (southeast)
  • Chien (northwest)
  • Tui (west)
  • Ken (northeast)
  • Li (south)

For a couple, the most important areas of the house are the northwest and southwest as they represent the Chien and Kun trigrams respectively, which in turn represents the patriarch and matriarch of the house.

So these two sectors of a house must absolutely be kept clean and clutter free.

When the living room is in one of these directions sectors, the person which that space indicates would tend to enjoy much success. This can be an important aspect to take note of.

For example, if the main breadwinner of the house is the husband, then it would be best that living room areas or spaces with activities are in the northwest. And the other way around for the wife is she is the main breadwinner.

It is also important at this time to take note that the kitchen should not be located in the northwest as this creates the serious affliction of fire at heavens gate.

When there are children in the household, then their respective trigrams should also be taken into consideration for feng shui.

For example if there are two daughters, then the trigrams Sun and Tui at the southeast and west symbolizes them as the eldest and youngest daughters respectively.

These spaces should also be clean and clutter free or they might live a messy life. Having their bedrooms situated in the respective sectors would also be appropriate.

Should one of these spaces be a missing corner, then it can expected that that specific daughter would not enjoy good luck at all in her endeavors.

As there are no sons in this example, then the sectors of Chen, Kan and Ken represented by east, north and northeast can be where the washroom are located.

However, be mindful that these 3 directions are also associated with health, career and academics too.

So one has to weigh up the weightage of importance he or she puts on these life aspects and make the appropriate compromises.

However, feng shui seldom leads us to a dead end.

Because if we say for example that the north is sacrificed as a toilet area, even though you have sacrificed the career aspect of the household according to the bagua map, you can still tap onto career enhancement energy from other areas of the house.

Just like every highway is not limited to one entrance and one exit.

This is where we move on to other feng shui concepts like…

8 mansions feng shui

8 mansions feng shui is a simple yet widely practiced form of feng shui due to it’s potency with basic application.

For a south facing apartment or house, it would be sitting north. And thus, the energy map of such a home would be as below.

Legend of 8 mansions diagram can be found here.

Sheng chi (SC) is the energy source we want to tap on for wealth, career and success luck. It resides on the southeast.

With the example we have used previously, it was said that the southeast is where the Sun trigram is located and should therefore be activated with yang energy so as to benefit the eldest daughter.

So this plays right into the SC sector of the house. Making this space play a dual role and a very critical area of the house.

Bear in mind that this is the case in this example, because there is an eldest daughter.

When this area is property activated and enhanced, there is a very high chance that this daughter would emerge as a superstar within the household.

If there are no daughters, then this area of the dwelling has no effect on a specific member of the family. And everything can change as the toilet is no longer taboo for the areas that represent daughters.

For example, if there are two sons instead of two daughters, then the areas to aid the sons’ luck would be east and northeast representing the eldest and youngest sons respectively. Toilets can then be safely located in the southeast, south and west trigram sectors instead. This would cause compromises on other aspects of life which has to be tapped on in 8 mansions.

As you can see, the possible scenarios can go on and on. I would never finish writing them if all possible situations are discussed.

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So you have to learn the concepts mentioned above and apply them to your own home.

When we talk about practicing 8 mansions for a residence, there are usually two focal points.

  1. Where is the SC area
  2. Where is the kitchen

Regarding the SC area, it was elaborated earlier. This is the best sector of the house and any family who wants the whole household to enjoy good luck must absolutely set this identified area free so as to tap on the energy that this space can accumulate.

The kitchen has a unique reversal effect in 8 mansions. It is ideal to locate the kitchen in a negative sector of the house.

In this case, the bad sectors are northeast, southwest, west and northwest represented by 5G, JM, HH and 6K respectively. So the kitchen can be located in any of these areas… except for the northwest due to the fire at heaven’s gate affliction as mentioned earlier.

For refinement, it should also avoid the west if possible as the west is fundamentally of metal energy. Putting a kitchen smothering with fire energy here could potentially melt it down.

As refinement comes into the picture, how can we talk about the feng shui of a house facing south without a mention of flying stars feng shui.

Flying stars feng shui

There are 24 possible directions of a house according to flying stars feng shui.

For the purpose of this example, the assumption is that the facing of the property is directly south at 180° and built during the period of 8.

This gives it the below natal chart.

What each number star means can be found here. And the implications behind star combinations can be found here.

There are so much possibilities in flying star chart analysis that is not possible to break down everything on this one page.

However when the birth chart of a house is identified, then it is very easy to observe any star combinations that stand out from the rest.

From this example there are a few glaring flying star combinations that pop out. And they are mostly bad.

The first one being the 8-8 combination at the south. This makes it an ideal area to locate the main front door.

Then there are the pairs of 7-9 and 2-5 combinations. If these areas are not storerooms, toilets or missing corners, then cures and remedies must be put in place to put the negative energies under control.

Is this good or bad?

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is not a good house during this period of time according to flying star feng shui. This is considering the various favorable charts that can possibly be plotted during the period of 8.

The sickness star 2 for example, finds it’s way to the east and northwest sectors of the house. It strength is further reinforced by the 5 yellow as both are of earth element.

The patriarch and eldest son in this household especially, are going to be burgeoned with extreme bad luck with their careers and health if the bad stars are not kept in check.

You can also check the guide to activating and deactivating water and mountain stars here.

I must also add that flying star feng shui shouldn’t be attempted unless you have a good understanding of it’s basics because it can be so easy to make mistakes, and minor errors can throw everything into chaos. This is especially so when you have made room improvements based on those errors.

Stick to just the bagua trigrams and 8 mansions if you are unable to comprehend flying stars.

The conclusion to all of these is that you need to understand the concepts explained above and apply it to your own house.

There are countless possible scenarios to each home and family in a south facing house.

So having a basic understanding of concepts would enable you to apply feng shui to your own home.

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