Why Spiral Staircase Is Bad… And Why Some Think Otherwise

Spiral staircases are sometimes built in homes because homeowners just love the look of them.

And often times, they are the most practical types of staircase to construct when there is limited space.

But often times, the most practical solutions to home interior design problems are not the best feng shui setups.

For example, open kitchen concepts can make a house look so much more spacious. It also makes navigating around house when holding dishes freshly cooked from the stove less of a hazard. But this can potentially bring a stove into the living room space!

Or it makes so much sense to have the behind you when you use the stove. This enables you to easily turn your body orientation to the sink and back to the stove again. But this creates the age-old elemental conflict of water and fire!

The spiral staircase is just another one of those things where it can make practical sense to build, but brings harmful energy into the house.

Shapes and forms that resembles hostile objects like blades and arrows are commonly talked about in feng shui as sources of sha chi.

And the spiral staircase has a remarkable resemblance to a corkscrew. This can be even worse if the staircase is made of, or designed to look like, metallic material.

Having one in prominently placed in the house is like drilling a hole into the body of the house. And you can’t really shift it to somewhere else in the house.

As indoor staircases that enable residents to climb up to the second story are usually located in the living room, patriarchs of the household would usually bear the burden of this feng shui affliction.

This can cause health issues and wealth loss.

Where this larger-than-life screw is located in trigram sectors of the house can also point to which family member(s) would be bearing the brunt of bad luck.

If for example, it is located in the living room at the northwest where the Chien trigram is, then it is almost certain that the father of the house is going to suffer from all types of bad luck, big or small. If it is painted red in color, it symbolizes serious injury that draws blood.

So one must take steps to improve personal feng shui to avoid disaster.

The biggest problem with spiral staircase placement is when it is located in the center area of the property.

This is actually very common, and termed as being pierced through the heart.

But alas! There are some feng shui practitioners who actually advocate that spiral corkscrew staircases are the same as any other staircase in terms of feng shui.

Some even insist that they are auspicious!

This is mostly because the upward spiraling design bears the appearance of a dragon ascending to the sky!

Read into that what you will. But I have to disagree on that one.

How to remedy spiral staircase

The best remedy is to prevent one from being constructed in the first place.

While this might not be an option for a lot of homeowners and home seekers, do put this up for serious consideration if your choices is still wide open.

For instance, if you are looking at buying a house with a huge spiral staircase that looks like an oil drill boring down into the earth in search of oil deposits, the think about whether you can have it replace, modified, or reconstructed. Otherwise, you are well within your feng shui rights to walk away.

I need to repeat that this is something that you should take seriously because staircases are permanent fixtures with a very low probability of being removed, relocated, or remodeled.

Once you accept fate and decide to live with one in the premises, then you are pretty much stuck with it for life… or until the bad luck it brings you convinces you to relocate.

Having said that, I do observe an increasing trend of property owners who are very decisive in replacing hostile staircases with more benevolent ones.

If you already have a winding staircase in the home, then the best that you can do is to take steps in hiding it’s energy-sapping form.

This can mean covering up the gaps between balusters with boards or fabric to break the natural form. This can also disarm the saw-like teeth that risers and treads create when viewed from the side.

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Using plants to hide the sharp edgy appearance can also be useful in “hiding” it’s natural form.

For example, one can set up leafy vines like that of golden pothos to run along the handrails. And place a big potted plant at the base for good measure.

To resist the downward pressure of these structures, it might also be helpful to install lighting fixtures near the base to shine upwards.

Yet despite doing all these, do know that you are only managing the feng shui affliction instead of eliminating it.

So I would still circle back to the suggestion of changing it or avoiding it altogether.

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