The Sunflower Is A Late Bloomer

The sunflower is one of the most distinctive flowering plants in the world with it’s bight yellow ray florets (or petals), tall stalk, and unmistakable round center that looks like an orange tennis ball.

It’s such an instinctively cheerful plant that it’s hard to find anyone who is not gobsmacked by it’s beauty when seeing it for the very first time.

Yet the sunflower plant is not mentioned much in ancient Chinese text.

This could be partially attributed to it not being documented in China until the 1600s. Even then, it was simply referred to as the big chrysanthemum due to the resemblance to small chrysanthemum.

If the sunflower indeed is not native to China then it must have went on one hell of a trip to not just find it’s way there, but to thrive as well.

This can be substantiated when we consider that the plant is grown all over China today both in the wild and for cultivation and harvesting.

They are consumed as foodstuff… which you would know why if you have tried a handful of sunflower kernels yourself.

But even thought the sunflower is a late bloomer with regards to gaining attention of the people, it’s sheer appearance and characteristics make it so easy to adopt as a positive symbol.

Symbolism of sunflower

Firstly, the sunflower is such named not only because it looks like the sun, but mainly because it turns it’s “head” during the day to follow the path of the sun. This is so that it can grab the maximum amount of sunlight to develop and grow.

The yellow beauty is associated with longevity, celebration and general auspiciousness.

They make great additions to gardens in the front yard to not only add an element of cheerfulness to the premises, but also the element of earth with it’s yellow petals.

When feng shui enthusiasts setup their gardens, a rule that they usually try to follow is to incorporate flowers of at least 5 different colors, each associated with one of the 5 elements.

This arrangement can sometimes also be seen by experts as a call to the 5 directional wealth gods.

As paintings in the house, it is not suggested to have a single sunflower overpowering a living space.

They are best displayed accompanied by more sunflowers or with other flowering plants like orchids and narcissus in common areas.

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Just remember not to leave them in a dark room, they need the sun to thrive. Even if it’s symbolic and just a matter of speech.

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