7 Factors To Consider When Building A Swimming Pool At Home

A swimming pool at home is one of the things that screams luxury.

This is one reason why many people spend a lot of time deciding whether to have one when the option is available to them.

In truth, a swimming pool is not a fixture that home owners need unless medical conditions require them to have daily hydrotherapy sessions. Otherwise, it’s just a desirable thing to have.

Sometimes, people who don’t swim even take this decision seriously as the presence of a swimming pool adds so much to the aesthetics to a house.

On a side note, do know that it is generally understood that constructing a swimming pool on landed property will not cause it to appreciated in value by default.

In fact, the tendency to depreciate is higher.

Anyway, back to the topic on hand.

Whether you have already decided to build a swimming pool at home, or still pondering this decision, here are some key consideration to ponder regarding feng shui.

1) Directional location

Because a swimming pool is a large body of water, it will have an effect on the feng shui of the house whether you like it or not.

And when placed in the wrong sectors, it can cause elemental conflicts that doom the luck of every family member in the household.

Generally speaking, the south, northeast and southwest are directional sectors that can cause clashes of elements to occur.

So they should be avoided unless there is a favorable facing water star in the area according to flying stars feng shui.

In this case, the pool can help to activate the star for positive aspects of life.

When located in the east or southeast, the swimming pool will act to enhance these sectors, thereby weakening itself. When located in the west or northwest, the pool will be enhanced by the base energies present in these sectors.

In other words, they will be in harmony with resident energies, avoiding any conflict of elements.

By default, the north is almost always the best area of the premises to locate a swimming pool.

This is because the north is an area of water energy, more water in the form of a swimming pool will boost the water elemental energy, giving rise to wealth luck.

There are in fact, various other more advanced methods to look into ideal feng shui areas to construct a swimming pool.

But when in doubt, go with north.

You cannot go wrong on this one.

And if you can, find wealth locations and study the feasibility of having the pool constructed there.

2) Facing location

If you have a basic knowledge of feng shui, surely you would know that an outdoor water feature does not necessarily need to be at the facing of the house in order to bring in good fortune.

But having it in front of the house and the main door would be more ideal than a pool outside the back door.

Ideally, a person opening the main front door of the house from the inside will be able to have the pool in view.

This enables the front door to draw in the positive energy accumulated by the body of water in the pool.

You might also want to read up on the castle gate door on this one.

If you are unable to locate it in the vicinity of the door, then at least ensure that there is an entryway into the house that is facing the pool.

3) Shape

Square or rectangular pools are most common in residences.

Take note that square shapes signify earth while rectangles represent wood.

As water will inevitably be present in these pools, square shapes will naturally create a clash of earth and water energy.

This is why square shaped pools should be avoided unless the pool is located in the northeast or southwest AND it is beneficial for earth energy to be present.

Also be mindful that square and rectangle shaped pools might create sharp corners that emit sha chi pointing directly at the house or any other living space.

This is why irregular and curved shaped pools are usually suggested from a feng shui perspective.

4) Size

As feng shui is about balance, it is never good to have a pool that dominates the landscape at home.

It might not be bigger than the house, but one-third the size of the premises can already be considered as too big.

When water energy overwhelms a house, it can “drown” the house in terms of feng shui even if it’s energies are auspicious.

Too much of a good thing can be bad too.

So during the planning phase, ensure that the proportion of the pool to the whole house (indoor and outdoor) is not significantly too big.

5) Embed into ground

To tap on the earth energy from the ground, it is best to have the pool area installed into the ground.

This means that the pool should be constructed in the ground that is dug up.

I feel that there is a need to say this as more and more people are installing pools that are built on the surface of the ground with digging due to convenience and budget.

To truly tap on the auspicious energy from the earth, the pool should be embedded several feet into the ground.

It might cost more in construction works. But the wealth opportunities it would bring about will more than make up for the expenses.

6) Symbols

The bottom of the pool presents and excellent opportunity to have an auspicious symbol designed.

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We talk about symbols a lot in feng shui. And people often want to build large symbols at home but can never find large spaces appropriate for them.

Instead of looking at blank space at the bottom of the pool, consider using different color shaded tiles to design a symbol.

To get your creative juices flowing, some common symbols homeowners build on the bottom of pools include the yin-yang symbol, the infinity 8 symbol, abstract designs representing water, etc.

7) Yang energy

Sufficient lighting equipment should be installed at the pool so that it will be constantly charged with yang energy… even at night.

This means that even when you are not using the pool at night, it is best to have lighting fixtures switched on so that the chi at the pool does not take on a yin nature.

This also implies that it is best to keep the water pump moving when the pool is not in use.
Otherwise, yin energy might accumulate.

Other considerations

When building a pool it is important to put thought into the depth of the pool especially when there are young children at home.

If there are little ones, and there is a deep pool, remember to install fencing or other precautions so that they do not gain access to it without adult supervision.

Also, if the purpose of constructing a pool leans more toward feng shui and the magical powers of water, do know that you can setup water features like fish ponds and fountains to harness water energy as well.

Only built a pool if you are going to use it.

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