The Sword Star Can Make You A Modern Day Robin Hood

Some people have an unhealthy thirst for power and influence. They then go about life bullying subordinates and those who are below them in the hierarchy.

Then there also those who find purpose in fighting the powerful to help the weak.

And they can go about these “fights” with full conviction, aggression and intensity. Fully believing in their cause… even when defeat is the most likely outcome.

Whether these activities make them heroes or rebels can often be separated by a thin line.

These types of strong-willed personalities often have the sword star (羊刃) in their bazi.

At it’s brightest, the presence of this star in a person’s bazi can indicate that he or she would make a great champion for those who are disadvantaged in life.

However, it also has the potential to be a double-edged sword. Thus, the name.

At it’s worst, it can mean someone who seizes power from immoral and unethical means.

In fact, from people who has this star in their 4 pillars, there tend to be more people who have been negatively affected by it than positively benefited.

Maybe that’s why truly great leaders and politicians only arise once in a blue moon.

When the star’s effects on bazi are deemed to be negative when arriving via the luck pillars, this star is often referred to by experts as the goat blade instead, which is it’s direct translation from it’s Chinese name. This different naming can be attributed to the different context in which the star is interpreted.

Identifying the sword star

To determine whether one has the sword star in the bazi, reference has to be taken from the self-element (day master).

Then refer to the following table.

Day stem (self-element
Sword Star
H1 E4
H2 E3, E5
H3 E7
H4 E6, E8
H5 E7
H6 E6, E8
H7 E10
H8 E9, E11
H9 E1
H10 E12, E2

Legend of symbols can be found here.

Unlike other symbolic stars, the sword star don’t tend to be more powerful when there are more than one in the bazi.

This means that having one is enough for a person to harness it. Having more can only increase the potential of clashes with other characters in the bazi.

In general, one would only need one sword star to harness it’s positive effects. But negative effects can be compounded by the presence of more than one.

Dynamics with other bazi characters

Sword stars tend to have the best positive effects when a person that has it also has a weak self element, and the star acts in strengthening it.

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When the self-element is strong, and the star clashes with it, then it can result in undesirable personal traits such as arrogance, self-centered and scheming.

When this clash is elemental by nature, then it can also lead to bloodshed.

Which pillar this star resides in also has implications according to the associations of the specific pillars.

For example, the earthly branch on the day pillar represents marriage. This means that an unfavorable sword star on the day pillar can indicate a life full of conflicts with the spouse. And when it appears unfavorably on the month pillar, it can mean a person who is disliked by people around him/her.

Should it land on a heavenly void, then the effects can be reversed under the right conditions.

When the goat blade goes rouge

When bazi experts analyze a person’s 4 pillars to peek into what’s in store for him/her in the near future, the arrival of some stars via the annual calendar or luck pillars call for extra caution as they can mean adverse events having a high potential of occurring.

The goat blade star (羊刀) is one of these stars.

This is a star which signifies that the person afflicted would see serious injury or even death in the family. And he or she might be directly or indirectly be the cause of the catastrophe.

While every individual has a character that represents the goat blade, when it appears in the bazi, it does not carry as much weight in terms of it’s inauspiciousness as when they appear in the annual stars or luck pillars.

So regarding this symbolic star, pay attention to it’s timeliness and it’s arrival (if any) via the luck pillars when looking at your bazi.

Once you have identified your goat blade, this can be interpreted in various ways.

One is via the annual characters from the Hsia calendar and your luck pillars as explained above.

If for example, this is a year where your goat blade star Hai (E12) arrives and it is an unfavorable element, then you should also pay attention to meeting new friends who are of the pig zodiac… because this person might be the catalyst for the tragic event to take place.

Some bazi readers even go all out and determine that anyone with any birth element that relates to the goat blade can be the trigger.

However, all is not lost when your goat blade makes an appearance to influence your luck for a period of time.

This is because one must firstly determine whether it is an unfavorable character or element to the person’s bazi. This can be done by checking the strength of the self-element. And even if it is unfavorable, combinations of earthly branches and close relationship between other zodiacs can effectively “remove” the goat blade automatically.

And when it is confirmed that you would be vulnerable to the negative energy of the goat blade, you can still practice caution when taking on new endeavors to avoid disaster.

After all, bazi is just one piece of the cosmic trinity. Feng shui and man luck can play a critical role in avoiding the bad luck which the goat blade can bring.

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