Feng Shui Symbols To Attract Love

The are various classical feng shui techniques that can be applied to enhance romance luck.

For example, sleeping in the yen nien direction, activating the flying star 4, opening up the southwest sector of the house, etc.

But sometimes, implementing these feng shui concepts into the is simply not possible.

This is often due to space constraints or feng shui afflictions that cannot be comprehensively resolved.

So the only solution left is with symbolic feng shui.

Here are some of the most potent feng shui symbols to attract love into your life.

1) Peonies

Peony flowers are one of the most well-known symbols for attracting romance luck.

But they can be so potent, even in a sensual sense, that overuse or incorrect use can lead to dire consequences.

Display them in the living room or bedroom, and remove them when you have found a romantic partner.

Continuing to display them can lead to affairs and relationship betrayals.

2) Rose quartz

Different crystals are associated with different aspects of life. And that is before introducing the concept of chakras into the picture.

The crystal that easily outranks every other in terms of relationship luck is rose quartz.

They are pink, beautiful, and pretty affordable too.

Place a rose quartz ball on the bedside table or the living room.

If you are trying to find romance at work, bring it to the office and place it on the work desk.

Crystals in general can be used to improve romance luck when placed in the southwest as there is where the kun trigram resides.

3) Couple paintings

Often times when visiting the homes belonging to singles, I find that paintings of single people are often found around the house.

When they ask the question of what is causing them bad luck in this area of life, the first thing I always recommend is to remove the paintings and artwork of single people or animals.

It is one thing to lack symbols of love, it is another to have symbols of loneliness!

For example, if you want to painting of people and sunsets, let there be two people depicted instead of one. If you like to have animal paintings like birds or fishes, let there be two of them instead of one.

4) Mandarin ducks

Mandarin ducks are infamous for being the ultimate representative from the animal world that bring marriage opportunities and represent happiness in marriage.

Have a pair in rose quartz, painted on canvas, or picture framed.

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Display in the bedroom or living room as placement.

Remember that for them to bring love connotations, it must be displayed as a male and female pair.

An alternative to mandarin ducks are geese.

5) Butterfly

Butterflies are symbols that bring love, but not the mature and serious kind associated with mandarin ducks.

While the ducks are related to more serious relationships like marriage, butterflies can bring a more active social life and lead to casual romance.

The bug after all, floats from flower to flower for their nectar. Sort of like a love for sweet young things.

6) Dragon and phoenix

The dragon and phoenix together is a powerful symbol of patriarch and matriarch togetherness in a household.

This can be useful for display when one feels that only the celestial powers of celestial creatures would be able to help him or her.

As a duo, they can be displayed in common areas like the living room. Avoid the bedroom.

Take note that individually, they can represent different symbolism.

For example, the phoenix is a strong yang energy symbol when alone, but takes on a yin energy role in the presence of the dragon.

7) Peach blossoms

If you are into feng shui for a while, there’s probably not much more anyone can say to convince you of the magical love attracting qualities of peach blossoms.

It’s mystical powers are so infamous that countless references are made to it in movies, novels, music, and almost any type of publications you can think of.

Get a painting of peach blossoms, maybe even with romantic calligraphy, nicely framed and hang it in the living room.

8) Painting of garden with lush colorful flowers

While landscape paintings are strongly associated with wealth luck, paintings of meadows or gardens filled with colorful blooming flowers can bring romance luck.

Don’t be surprised to find suitors knocking on your door if you have a real actual garden filled with brightly colored flowers.

Because managing a real garden can be too much of a commitment to undertake, the alternative is with paintings.

Identify when romance arrives and act on them

With these fengshui symbols of love properly in place, one should be more aware of when romance luck arrives.

Often times, opportunities show up in our lives and we don’t even notice them.

I remember a metaphorical story that was told about a religious man who encountered a flood with water levels rising fast. A yacht came along and offered to save him. He refused and said that he does not need help as God would save him. Then a fishing boat sailed there and wanted to pick him up. He insisted that he does not need help as God would save him. Then when the water was up to his neck, a row boat came along and wanted to pull him out of the water. But he resisted and proclaimed that God would save him. He drowned and went to heaven. He then asked God why he did not save him. God replied that he tried to save him by sending the yacht, the boat, and row boat. It was he who was unable to see what was right under his nose.

The moral of this story is that you don’t need to get on every boat that comes along, but you need to realize that all of them can save you from drowning. If you choose to ignore them, then time can run out one day.

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