The TaiJi Star Is A Sign Of Spirituality And Ability To Let Go

While a lot of people see wealth as the ultimate goal of life, many others see spirituality as the ultimate life pursuit instead.

In fact, in religious and spiritual circles where money and wealth takes a back seat, it is often said that letting go is the quintessential epitome of wealth.

It’s hard to argue against that. Because when one don’t lust for money and use it as a measuring stick of status or achievement, a lot of the simple things in life can seem exponentially more valuable. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that those who continually brag (or humblebrag) about their wealth or make fun of others who have less, are often thought of as insecure.

If you are into spirituality, there is a symbolic star in bazi which indicates if you have affinity with spirituality.

This is the TaiJi star (太極).

It goes by some other alias like the star of mysticism, tai ji nobleman (太極貴人), or simply the spirituality star, etc.

When it appears in your bazi, it indicates that there is a part of you where you deeply value spirituality. This also implies that you are someone who have an ability to let go and not be stressed out by the unpredictable events that occur in life. So if you are wondering how your ex-girlfriend can move on so quickly and happily after breaking off with you, maybe she has this star 😀

One would also have strong intuition and would be better able to comprehend topics of pseudoscience and those that make no sense to the average person.

And for those who have an intention to pursue metaphysics arts like feng shui as a career, the absence of this star in your bazi might mean that you would not attain a very high level of expertise in the subject. In plain words, it might not be suitable for you as a career.

To identify the character that represents Tai ji, one would have to take reference from the daymaster. Saying that, some bazi experts also consider the year stem as a reference point for determining Tai Ji star.

The below table list the heavenly stems, and the earthly branches that represent TaiJi.

Tai Ji Star
H1 E1, E7
H2 E1, E7
H3 E4, E10
H4 E4, E10
H5 E2, E5, E8, E11
H6 E2, E5, E8, E11
H7 E3, E12
H8 E3, E12
H9 E6, E9
H10 E3, E12

Legend of symbols can be found here.

Remember that if you don’t have one, it does not necessarily mean that you are not spiritual as there are other ways to deduce spirituality in bazi.

There’s also no one stopping you from doing spiritual work at the sector of the house where your TaiJi resides. This sector can be identified by referring to your TaiJi and the 24 mountains.

For example, if you have a self-element of Yi wood and your spiritual star is Zi rat, then the north is where your personal Taiji sector resides at home.

Something else to note is that having more than one TaiJi in the bazi is not necessarily a good thing as it can indicate that major unhappy or tragic events can occur frequently in life that requires an individual to let go.

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