The 3 Noblemen Formation

With the countless Chinese festivals that occur annually, it is no understatement that the Chinese is such a happy people that almost every positive event can be deemed as something worthy of celebrating to others.

On top of that, the relationships between people has been such an important element towards success that western media has even called guanxi (关系) the secret sauce of doing business in China.

It is no wonder the concept of improving noblemen luck is one of the life aspects that many strive towards.

After all, you don’t need to be a genius to realize that meeting the right person at the right time can play a huge role is helping one become wealthy and successful in a very short time.

This is one big reason why the nobleman star is such a popular character that people desire to activate and enhance in their bazis.

However, there is a higher level of noblemen luck that one can enjoy in life. The problem is that you are either born with it or you are not.

If it does not show up in one’s bazi, then there no way to feng shui it into life and even the luck pillars would not bring them along at a later stage in life.

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And that is the 3 noblemen formation (三奇贵人).

Unlike symbolic stars of bazi analysis, identifying the 3 noblemen don’t require reference points of the day master or certain characters in particular pillars.

There are 3 categories of noblemen.

  1. Heavenly noblemen (天上三贵人)
  2. Earthly noblemen (地下三贵人)
  3. Man noblemen (人中三贵人)

Sometimes known as the 3 extraordinary noblemen, when any of them shows up in an individual’s bazi, it is said that this person has the blessings in life of the 3 noble ones.

Their presence can be determined by referring to the following table.

Hour Pillar Day Pillar Month Pillar Year Pillar
Heaven H1 H5 H7
Earth H2 H3 H4
Human H9 H10 H8

Legend of symbols can be found here.

A person’s bazi MUST have either of the 3 formations of earthly branches in the stipulated sequence to deem the presence of the three noblemen.

This means that is it not enough to have H1, H5 and H7 among the 4 heavenly stems randomly within the 4 pillars. H1 must be in the day pillar, H5 in the month pillar, and H7 in the year pillar. Only then can this person have the 3 heavenly noblemen in his or her bazi chart.

When any of these formations appear in the bazi, it suggest a gifted person with high intelligence, wisdom, and generosity. There will be great accomplishments in life. Adversity will not be able to bring any harm. And if he is really pushed to his wit’s end in life, noblemen would appear to support him.

While any of the 3 formation of stars bring overall benefits, Heaven would bring more influence, Earth leans more towards fame and fortune, and Man is strongly associated with natural talents.

The gist of all these is that if you don’t have them in your bazi chart, you’d definitely want to marry someone who has if you are lucky enough to meet one in life. 😀

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