What The 9 Flying Stars Mean And Represent

Flying star feng shui is one of most acclaimed method of feng shui in practice today.

With it’s time dimension mechanics and dynamism, it’s application accounts for the many facets of life that we experience each day.

If you have learned about it, you must know that the basics of it concerns the movement of 9 stars, their implications, and what their combinations mean.

Here is a brief explanation of what the 9 stars mean in flying star feng shui for the period of 8.

1) White star 1 (贪狼星)

The number 1 white star literally translates to greedy wolf star.

Because it has a base element of water, an element that is regarded as wealth, it is generally a favorable star.

Being the first star among the nine, it also symbolizes the start of a new beginning. If one is going through a rough patch in life, this star will help with new beginnings.

It also means that when it is activated for young adults or kids, it can help bring opportunities for success at an early age. It can also be associated with intelligence, innovation, noblemen, status, business acumen, enterprise spirit, etc.

As a facing star, it is associated with investments, cash flow and wealth accumulation. As a sitting star, it is related to networking and influence.

In the period of 8, it generally represents a distant future prosperity.

2) Black star 2 (巨门星)

The number 2 black star translates to big door star and associated with the earth element. The category of earth is sometimes known as small earth and represented by land mass.

When not kept in check during periods of untimeliness or when it is roving as an annual star, it can cause sickness and even death in the household, especially to women since it corresponds to the Kun trigram.

The only period when it becomes an auspicious star is in the period of 2 which according to the rotating 9 periods will commence it’s next reign of 20 years in 2064.

When timely, it will bring great wealth and fortune just like any timely star. Just that in this case, those in fields linked to land and real estate would see the best gains.

Women might reap more rewards from it than men. This is a star that is also linked to real estate and wealth accumulation under the right circumstances, such as when positively activated as a facing star.

3) Green star 3 (绿存星)

The number 3 green star is a conflict star that bring energy that ignites fight, confrontations, and quarrels wherever it goes. It can also induce spending behavior that makes keeping hold of money difficult.

Huge powerful trees can be said to be the symbol of this star.

When left unmanaged at home, residents can expect disharmony and misunderstanding that results in fights and arguments within the household.

Even outside the confines of the home, residents could attract lawsuits, political issues at the office, and even disputes with friends.

However, those involved in very competitive professions (like athletes) might still be able to reap the goodness of this star simply because of an affiliation in it’s nature. It can also benefit those in risky professions.

Sometimes also known as the jade star, it will only revert to an auspicious star during it’s period of timeliness.

Otherwise, it is generally regarded as an unfavorable star.

When clashed with the stars of 2 or 5, it can cause bodily harm and injury especially to the limbs.

4) Green star 4 (文曲星)

The number 4 green star represents academics, knowledge and romance.

Like star 3, this is also a star of wood elemental base, and can be represented by small plants and flowers..

Despite the Chinese avoidance of the number 4 in general due to superstition, culture, and the word four (四) being a hynonym of death (死) in the mandarin language, the number 4 is actually a desirable number in feng shui.

When triggered, it helps in any life aspect related to intelligence, creativity, education, exams, and academic achievements. It also enhances areas of romance and relationships.

5) Yellow star 5 (廉贞星)

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The number 5 yellow star is the most catastrophic star among the nine.

Commonly referred to as the “5 yellow”, this star don’t just bring energy of sickness, but also grave misfortune in general.

Just like stars 2 and 3, it is only a luck-inducing star during it’s period of timeliness.

Otherwise it is a very undesirable star that needs to be managed constantly if you don’t want misfortune to befall the members of the family.

Whether it resides as a water star (facing star) or mountain star (sitting star), residents would be in for a turbulent time if it is not subdued.

However it is also known as the most powerful wealth star in some circles. Feng shui beginners should not attempt to tap onto it’s wealth energy as they would most certainly get it wrong and bring it’s negative aspects to life instead.

6) White star 6 (武曲星)

The number 6 white star represents career and progression, and related to faded prosperity in the period of 8.

It is fundamentally metal associated with metal structures of considerable size.

Being a white star, it is generally favorable.

It is also associated with the Chien trigram, which together with Kun, denotes the most significant 2 out of the 8 trigrams.

When invigorated, it can bring wealth and prosperity to the family of the house, especially the patriarch.

This can come in the form of progress in power and authority levels at work. Most appropriate to organizations with rigid structures.

When afflicted, it can cause problems that result from excessive or aggressive masculinity.

7) Red star 7 (破军星)

The number 7 red star of aggression can also be attributed to faded prosperity.

In general, it does not carry as much negative energy as 2, 3, and 5.

However, as we are already in the period of 8, 7 is no longer a timely star and has the potential to cause chaos at home when prevention measures are not put in place.

This is partly because it has a base element of metal like the 6 star. 7 is associated with weapons and jewelry, however unlike the 6 star which is a white benevolent star, 7 is a red in color which indicates the color of bloodshed.

This can be especially dangerous when it comes into contact with 3 and 4 which are of the wood element as metal destroys wood.

When timely, one can experience better communication with others and even attain great progress in spirituality.

When a household is afflicted by star 7, residents can experience robberies, loss of property, theft, violence, etc.

8) White star 8 (左辅星)

The number 8 white star represents income and wealth, and portends current prosperity in the period of 8.

It is earth element based and often labeled as big earth in the form of mountains.

It is currently the timely star.

Even when it’s untimely, this star signifies money, nobility and honesty.

So being in a timely period only doubles up it’s power of creating wealth to whoever chooses to welcome it with open arms.

When it is a facing star that is trapped, you can expect to experience problems with finances and cash flow.

9) Purple star 9 (右弼星)

The number 9 purple star represents prosperity in the near future.

This is because we are currently approaching the end of the period of 8, which leads to us entering the period of 9.

9 is generally a lucky star on it’s own. It brings recognition, status and authority. This can be in social circles including at home, at work, and with friends. It is also connected to spirituality and metaphysics.

But what makes it unique is that it is the only fire element star within the 9. This makes it the only star capable of naturally nurturing the earth element stars of 2, 5 and 8.

Two of which are unfavorable stars, while one is an overwhelmingly favorable one.

This implies that irregardless of timeliness, the use or misuse of it can bring outcomes from one of two extremes.

Be careful with it.

Flying star combinations

With a basic understanding of the 9 stars used in flying star feng shui, it is important to note that how these stars react, compliment, counter and intrude each other has bigger implications on energy than the stars by themselves.

A basic list of favorable and unfavorable combinations can be found here.

Finally, remember to enhance the stars 1 and 8, and keep the stars 2, 3 and 5 in check for general good fortune.

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