The Fox Is A Good Example Of Dual Symbolism

In Chinese folklore and legends, foxes have always been depicted as sly creatures that possess magical powers, and very much associated with spirits.

It’s reputation wasn’t helped in any positive ways when storytellers created various stories that included characters of fox spirits (狐狸精) that are cunning and have no reservations hurting others to serve it’s own needs.

Historical documents that were recovered from archeological expeditions also paint the fox as an animal that is somewhat demonic. This is partly because they are often sighted emerging from cemeteries and grave sites.

Ancient Chinese beliefs also perceive these foxes as being able to live a very long life and having a very strong yin energy. With a base of earth element.

This is not surprising when these shape-shifters are usually depicted as women when told in stories and are also associated with the world of spirits.

It is also for this reason that fox spirits require yang energy to keep themselves stable and therefore need to constantly prey on men for yang energy to maintain longevity.

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This myth is also regularly played out in movies and TV series.

It must be added that the fox spirit is presented as an entity that does not kill or do evil out of fun, but rather out of necessity to keep itself alive and well. It is their nature and how creatures in the animal kingdom survive.

Because they are not powerful animals like lions and tigers, they need to use deceit, manipulation and seduction to get what they desire.

Legends of the fox

This was described in a Ming dynasty novel about how a fox spirit took on the form of a beauty named Da Ji (妲己) who led the Emperor astray.

Then there were the various accounts told by people about a beautiful woman who appears every night to seduce a scholar to suck him of his life force. He only woke up to it after being warned by a monk who saw him in distress.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the fox has a certain erotic symbolism to it.

The ability to achieve longevity has always been a pursuit of the Chinese. And the growing reputation of the fox to do it started to draw admirers.

So much so that temples and shrines were erected to pay homage to the fox spirit.

It was believed that when a fox reaches the age of 50 years, it would be able to transform itself into a woman. When it becomes 100 years old, it would become a maiden. And as it hits 1,000 years, it would attain the ability to turn into a golden colored celestial fox with 9 tails.

And this is the foundational basis of the legends of the 9 tailed fox.

The 9-tailed fox, or more commonly known as fox spirit is translated as 狐狸精 and pronounced as hu li jing.

It has appeared in various stories, novels, myths and legends. And has almost always been depicted as a white fox who transforms itself under the disguise of a beautiful woman who seduces people of power and wealth.

The fox spirit in human form is said to be easily distinguished as they never change clothing. Always wearing the same apparel and apparently their clothing never gets soiled or dirty.

It has even found it’s way into modern console games.

In other ancient writings, the nine-tailed fox has been documented to carry contrasting symbolism and fortune.

At times, it has been explained as a good omen such that a representation of peace. Other times, it has been described as a predator that preys on people.

However in modern times, the white 9 tailed fox is mostly associated with romance luck and fertility luck.

When depicted as a red fox, it is more tuned into wealth luck.

For such reasons, people often carry around with them amulets with the multi-tailed foxed designed or carved into them to call on the associated luck. They are especially popular with single men and women.

These amulets also serves as a form of protection against people with ill intentions and hidden agendas.

Feng shui

The fox is mostly used as a personal accessory.

They are seldom used as figurines put on display such as the money frog or elephants.

The most common way they make their way into residences is because of home owners having a liking towards the mammal and have them as pictures or paintings hung on the wall as interior design.

In such cases, the basic rules of hanging paintings and pictures apply with animals in the house.

This implies that they should not enter the bedroom, requires open space in front, should not be present in the kitchen, etc.

And if the reason to have it in the living room is to give your relationship luck a little boost, then it should be placed in the Kun trigram area which is the southwest or the yen nian sector according to 8 mansions.

If you are more advanced and practices flying stars feng shui, then seek out where there is a favorable romance star and place your fox there.

Just take note that when applying flying stars, there not always a clear cut star number 4 that is favorable.

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