Symbolism Of The Distinctive Halberd Weapon

The halberd is a medieval weapon that people often often find it hard to describe in one word. It is said that if an axe and spear were to have a child, then a halberd would be the resulting outcome.

It has a handle longer than a typical axe, but shorter than a regular spear. It’s head has the sharp tip like a spear, but also has additional fixtures that resemble the head and blade of an axe.

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These days such weapons can only be found in museums and digital games.

The Chinese name for the halberd is ji (戟) which sounds similar to the word ji (吉) which means auspiciousness and good fortune.

This is the main reason why when depicted in art and motif designs, the artwork would almost always convey events of an auspicious nature.

For example, when paired with the ru yi scepter, it conveys the message of auspiciousness as one wishes.

When pictured with a stone chime, it means congratulatory good fortune.

The most popular design with halberds is the depiction of 3 halberds in a vase. This carries the wish for promotions in higher office.

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