The Mandoline Belongs In The Lute Familiy

A mandoline is a string instrument like a lute. It’s Chinese name is 琵琶 pronounced as pi pa

The main difference between the two are their sizes in general with the larger ones crafted with more strings.

Most people see musical instruments such as the lute would identify them as ancient guitars from first observation.

They are often used in rituals where spells are cast.

Some believe that this is because of it being associated with spirituality. While others believe that it’s because of it’s shape resembles that of the loquat fruit which have connotations with love and romance.

The mandoline is not an item that is frequently mentioned in legends and mythology.

However, the most notable one is about a concubine named Wang Zhaojun (王昭君) during the era of Emperor Yuan (漢元帝) of the Han dynasty.

It was said that as a gesture of peace with Xiongnu (匈奴) of North China, the Emperor was to send a princess to marry a Khan. To select which of his concubines to send, the Emperor asked the painter Mao Yanshou (毛延寿) to paint portraits of the concubine selections so that the right candidate can be chosen. Not wanting to leave the state, all concubines bribed Mao to paint them in as beautiful a depiction as possible so that the Emperor would not want to lose them. The exception was Wang who was honest and modest. The results was that the artwork of Wang was not as beautiful than the others and she was selected to be sent to the North for marriage. When the Emperor eventually realized that Wang was one of the most beautiful women among the court ladies, Mao was executed.

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On the journey to a foreign land, Wang brought with her a mandoline which served as her companion and outlet to release her feelings to the world.

Her story can be found in historical text. And she played an important political role in maintaining peace.

When placing an actual mandoline or painting of one in the house, it is more suitable for common areas except the kitchen.

The living room or study room are good areas of the home to select.

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