The Mongoose And It’s Relation To Wealth

The mongoose is a creature with a rat-like appearance loaded with the fearless ferocity of a mink.

They are well-known in the animal kingdom for attacking venomous snakes.

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So revered is their reputation on this aspect, when it encounters a snake, it’s game over for the latter.

Mongoose in feng shui and religion

There is little documentation about this furry creature in Chinese literacy.

However, it is featured prominently with Tibetan wealth buddhas.

Of the 5 Jambhalas of 5 colors of green, white, yellow, red and black, all of them are often depicted with a mongoose pet.

However, this is no regular mongoose.

It is a treasure spouting mongoose that supposedly spits out valuable jewels like diamonds and gold on command… or when it feels like it.

As Tibetan monks are widely regarded to be experts in feng shui, the display and placement of this wealth mongoose was slowly adopted by symbolic feng shui practitioners.

It’s sort of like borrowing from the wisdom of these experts.

Thus, the jewel spouting mongoose slowly made it’s way into stores and homes.

From feng shui products, the gem spouting mongoose is sometimes depicted with trees of the seasons. Symbolizing wealth luck throughout the year.

Otherwise, it is usually depicted resting on a bed of jewels and gemstones. Sometimes with offsprings as well to boost the money luck of descendants.

They can also be depicted with the wealth vase, busy going about it’s business of filling it up with valuable treasure.

Because of it’s connotations with wealth, the placement of the mongoose can be in any of the wealth locations in the house.

Finally, be mindful that they are land-based small animals. So they might not be comfortable in elevated places.

They wouldn’t have time to produce jewels for you when busy being stressed out.

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