Tiger Zodiac (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)

Tigers are known for their ferocity and courage as solitary animals.

They are also majestic with their stripes and many argue that they should assume the tile of king of the jungle rather than the lion.

In fact, Chinese culture consider it as the king of all wild animals.

It personifies yang energy. And the white tiger is associated with yin energy and one of the 4 celestial animals in land form feng shui by residing on the right of a house.

A famous Chinese classic story 武松打虎 (Wu Song Fights The Tiger) tells of the great battle between a fierce tiger and Wu Song with his bare hands as his weapon broke in the midst of battle. He of course, defeated the animal.

The tiger hours refer to the hours of 0300 to 0500. This zodiac sign is related to the Tai (泰) hexagram, and Ken trigram.

The earthly stem is Yin (寅) which means to respect, display, and being sincere.

It has an elemental nature of yang wood (陽木) and is strongest during the early phase of spring during the months of February and March.

The body parts it can indicate are the lungs and gallbladder.

On the compass, it is located on the northeast direction within 52.5° – 67.5°.

It is the third among the 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with yang wood element, related to the season of winter, and the month of February.


Independent, honorable, passionate, adaptable, impetuous, likeable.


Perfectionist, temperamental, moody, impulsive, defiant.


A person of tiger zodiac can seem nonthreatening and gullible when they are open, but never make the mistake that they are fools.

More often than not they have already anticipated the possible outcomes of interacting with people with potentially bad intentions.

This is down to the cautious nature they are born with.

While they make the best of friends, stepping on their tails maliciously can invoke a response of damning consequences.

He is kind and collected backed up by a boulder of inner strength.

Filled with ambition, he is driven to attain success by being the best in what he does.

Even though a tiger is hardworking, he don’t make the best follower as he tends to challenge authority or go against it.

Passion can often lead to rash recklessness.

Love life

The tiger can be a fickle lover when it comes to romance and move from one partner to another more often than the average person.

However, this does not mean that he is adulterous.

Because every partner he is with, he will love to the world’s end.

Due to a cat-like nature, those trying to attract a tiger as a romantic partner might find the most success by playing hard to get.

Relationships with others

Compatible zodiacs for romance are Dog, Horse, and Dragon.

Compatible friends tend to be Rabbit, Pig, Rooster and Rat.

Incompatible zodiacs include Snake, Ox, and Monkey.

However, do note that relationships between horoscopes can be more complex than what we see on the surface.


The tiger finds fulfillment with constant challenges.

This makes them unsuitable for desk-bound jobs.

They often find a personal calling to start their own businesses. However, success or failure is another matter altogether.


The best years for those with tiger zodiac to get married are culturally said to be the years of the Horse, Monkey and Pig.

The best month are said to be the first, ninth and tenth months. With the most auspicious days being the 5th day of the 1st month, the 5th day of the 9th month, and the 10th day of the 10th month.

The 7th day of the 7th month is said to be an inauspicious day for festivities.

5 Elemental Tigers

While most people are aware that there are 12 different zodiacs in Chinese astrology, few actually realize that there are 5 different versions of each zodiac.

These are differentiated by the 5 elements in Chinese metaphysics.

Wood tiger (1974)

The wood tiger is somewhat vain and narcissistic. They are more of a gentle beast than a fierce feline.

While they make capable leaders, they are sometimes reluctantly put into leadership positions that they don’t want. But an ability to look at ease will mean that they can easily hide any reluctance.

With an innovative and creative attribute, they are able to think on their feet and find solutions to problems with limited inputs.

A solitary nature gives them a tendency to keep to themselves. Not that they choose to be alone. But they have no problems with it. This can sometimes make them appear like a walking paradox.

Fire tiger (1926, 1986)

The fire tiger is vastly intelligent and when not self-aware, it can cause them to make the major mistake of thinking people around them are stupid.

A wealth of knowledge makes them lovable among social circles. But while they are generally loyal in love, they can get easily jealous and become overbearingly possessive.

The fire tiger have a natural instinct to take charge. And when cornered, the passion contained within can cause serious violence to breakout.

Earth tiger (1938, 1998)

The earth tiger will tend to have tough beginnings but destined to achieve great things if a hardworking character can be nurtured.

They are natural leaders and with an ability to practice good judgment.

They focus more on defense than attack. Yet adversaries don’t realize that the tiger’s defense is indeed it’s best form of attack.

With luck and willingness to jump onto big opportunities that will come his or her way, one can become an individual of very high status and authority.

Metal tiger (1950, 2010)

The metal tiger is shrewd and sometimes ruthless in decision making. However decisions might be for their own benefit or for the bigger picture of things.

A domineering quick-thinker by nature, he also has an ability to act fast before others see things the way he sees them. This is in part because metal tigers are always prepared.

But one must be careful with over-confidence as that can lead to ultimate destruction.

While candidness can often be a virtue, a little tact and flexibility can help the metal tiger go a long way in life.

Water tiger (1962, 2022)

The water tiger hold himself to the highest standards of integrity in career and business dealings. This makes them ideal for role models and might even find fame for this reason.

However on the emotional aspect, they can often find themselves to be unable to let go.

This is why water tigers always reach a stage in life where they go on a pursuit of spirituality. This can also come in the form of giving back to society by taking part in activities like charities and humanitarian work.

Fortune during Chinese zodiac years

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The general luck of people born in tiger years can run up or down like roller coasters during the years of other animals.

And other animals who run into the tiger year don’t generally do very well in terms of good fortune and luck to the unpredictability of the big cat.

Tiger in rat year

The rat year will not be a good experience for the tiger.

Be prepared for problems with cash flow, support and resources.

It’s best to stay low while the chaos is happening around you and don’t make rash decisions especially those concerning money.

Tiger in ox year

The bad luck of the previous year carries over into the ox year.

An extended period of little luck can cause a lot of frustration and even delusion.

A losing streak can create stress and an urge to make a bold move in order to get out of the muddy waters.

This can also result in failure.

Tiger in tiger year

In it’s own year, the tiger will not be in his prime.

However, bad luck from previous years would have subsided considerably.

It is a year for planning life, career, and family. And start taking action towards those goals.

Years later, one would reap benefits that can be traced back to the beginnings that initially conceptualized in the tiger year.

Tiger in rabbit year

The tiger will start seeing his friends and colleagues falling behind him in the game of life.

This can either be a result of them doing badly or the tiger doing exceedingly well.

Just be careful with the feelings of other and avoid rubbing your success in their faces.

Creating envy and despise from people around you can come back to haunt you in the long term.

Tiger in dragon year

The tiger and dragon are partners and make up half of the 4 celestial animals.

This will be a stable year as they both work side by side to protect against bad luck and enhance the chances of good luck.

However, the dragon is not one to tolerate disrespect.

It will be a good year as long as the tiger quietly and modestly makes progress without causing problems.

Tiger in snake year

The year of the snake will bring about a slow down in all the progress the tiger has made in previous years.

The silver lining is that this might not be attributed to bad luck, but just some speed humps along the highway.

It would be a good period to take some time out from the hectic schedule or work and let your hair down a little.

There’s no point stepping on the accelerator when there are humps ahead. You just have to get over them smoothly so that you can charge ahead after.

Tiger in horse year

A very year ahead for the tiger in all aspects of life.

Promotion opportunities arise, business grows rapidly, relationships get more fulfilling, and the labors of life can look so easy.

Be careful of letting this feeling of invincibility get to your head.

Because this is the time when you are most vulnerable to those with bad intentions or hidden agendas.

Tiger in goat year

Be wary of enemies making a move on you as they could have been around you all this time.

There is a high probability of becoming a victim being singled out to take the blame.

Take special care in noticing the going ons around you at work. You might be able to stop enemies in their tracks.

Tiger in monkey year

This can be a dramatic year filled with unpredictability.

However, things are more likely to turn out positive than negative.

It can be a fun year for those that are adventurous, but can be tensed for those who prefer stability.

Whatever you do, keep the end goal in mind. And don’t ignore the possibility that your ideas towards getting there might be wrong.

Tiger in rooster year

This is a year for relationships to bloom both socially and romantically.

Remember to keep a lid on work commitments disrupting your love life because if you don’t make an effort to make the best of this year for romance, the odds are that you never will.

Tiger in dog year

The tiger will face some major challenges in his career, but should still be able to see them through eventually, resulting in recognition and monetary rewards.

Be careful with trying to be too clever in solving complex problems as they can blow up in your face.

Otherwise, the social and romance luck should also flow into this year even though it would not be as strong as the year before.

Tiger in pig year

The tiger will have a tendency to relax too much in the pig year. Almost to a point of taking things for granted.

But it should not cause financial catastrophe as long as he has taken steps to safeguard his finances the years before.

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